Nintendo Switch: This Essential Console Isn’t a Game

News good plan Nintendo Switch: This Essential Console Isn’t a Game

With many Switch releases like Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, Nintendo Switch Sport and many more coming soon, you may need to make room on your Switch or just buy an SD card. , like this 128GB SanDisk card available for $28 instead of $42 on Amazon’s site.

Even though Steam came to test the water with its SteamDeck, it’s still Nintendo that offers the best hybrid console. There are many exclusive games such as the famous Mario games, Fire Emblem, indie games galore and especially Zelda coming with the release of the new Breath of The Wild 2 that fans of the series are eagerly awaiting.

Buy the Nintendo Switch 128GB SD card for €28 on Amazon

And yes, the famous Nintendo console is not about to leave given its success. The year 2022 promises to be very rich in releases and novelties. Of course, all this means that you need space on your console and you can quickly saturate it.

Unfortunately, even the latest OLED switch doesn’t solve the console problem. With only 32 GB for the simple Switch and 64 GB for the OLED, we’re sure to fill up our small storage space quickly. To solve this problem, there is a good solution, the SD card that allows you to store all your favorite games.

The Official Nintendo SanDisk SD Card for your Switch

An SD card yes, but not just any one. It is for this reason that we now offer you this official version, which is the subject of:a collaboration between SanDisk and Nintendofor our greatest pleasure and especially that of your Switch.

This small MicroSDXC card has a nice look with his toad head and the Nintendo Switch logo, both in white† We see right away, it is intended for the Nintendo console.

Thanks to this card you have 128 GB extra storage space without performance loss, because that is certified “I” as you can see at the bottom right and it means it can transfer files up to 4K . supportsenough to quickly download and play.

With the SanDisk quality, we can only recommend this SD card which also comes in different versions, especially from 64 to 512 GB. So the choice will have to be made based on your needs. In any case, you can find the SanDisk 128 GB Micro SD card for €28 on Amazon.

Buy the Nintendo Switch 128GB SD card for €28 on Amazon

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