Our update on live console stocks

PS5: Our Console Stock Update Live

PLAYSTATION 5. The month of April is launched and does not detract from the enthusiasm of PS5 researchers. The console remains an extremely popular and rare product, which is why we will keep you informed of any additions today.

[Mis à jour le 5 avril 2022 à 10h15] For home consoles, the situation seems to be improving, console stocks were found quite regularly in March. However, these occasional expansions have very different lifespans. The Xbox Series X usually goes on sale for several hours, while the Playstation 5 disappears from reseller sites almost immediately. More than ever, the rule is first come, first served in the quest for a PS5. So, as usual, we summarize all the information you need to buy a console, from the evolution of live stocks to the PS5 products on sale.

Our update on PS5 stock from Monday, March 4:

  • 10:12 am: The PS5 is long overdue today. However, it is used and can be found on the site at a high price. Rakuten

For those who do not want to participate in the infernal ballet of replenishments or “drops” of all kinds, and who have chosen to avoid queues on the sites, basket validation bugs and everything associated with the hunt for the new model of PS5 to avoid. There is another way to get your hands on the console. Collect the new or used console for resale. Please note that this method requires compliance with the market price of the console, that is, at prices that can sometimes exceed 150% of the base price of the new console. However, some offers sometimes approach the base price of the console (399 € digital and 499 € standard), hence the importance to check the products below: