Pixel War: How the TFC did the feat of finding its place in the experience that ignited the internet

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A fan of the Violets managed to impose the colors of the club of Toulouse within a gigantic collective digital artwork.

The TFC triumphs in the Pixel War by taking its place on r/Place! You don’t understand? It’s normal… Especially if you’re not familiar with the jargon and environment of social networks.

On April 1, the American social network Reddit posted an empty virtual space called “r/Place” online and offered internet users around the world to decorate it with large pixel colors. An experiment launched in 2017 without much success was relaunched early this month.

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The approach is called the “Pixel War”. The principle: Internet users from all over the world were invited to fill this space with colored pixels, if possible with works of art worthy of artwork. For example, in this fresco 2.0 we find a large portrait of Zinédine Zidane, the Arc de Triomphe, Thomas Pesquet, the Daft Punk or the pyramid of the Louvre.

This space was free of any creation for a period of time, although not very precise at first: opened April 1, access closed on the night of April 4-5.

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Where the project gets all its charm is that during this time period, every internet user had the opportunity to color in a single pixel every five minutes, with a palette of 32 colors at their disposal. It was therefore necessary to be quick, but also to defend its creation, which could be covered by other participants at will.

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Within this cheerfully colored rat race, an internet fan of the TFC has managed to leave an indelible mark on the violets, within this unique work. As evidenced by a publication on social networks that offers a close-up of part of the fresco.


Congratulations and thank you to everyone who has supported from near and far, launching this from the math amphitheater I would never have achieved anything like this. the @ToulouseFC will therefore have its place for eternity in this r/place 2.0

— Nelesta Iramis #BrancoPresident (@IramisTM) Apr 4, 2022

A performance the club did not fail to salute, on its official Twitter feed. The TFC even went so far as to change the main photo of his profile.

From a more global point of view, we can consider France “victorious” in this Pixel War, of which here is the final version below, with a large French flag that has managed to survive.