Preview Two point Campus: the management game of the year 2022?

Example Two point Campus: the management game of the year 2022?

Have you ever said to yourself, “Well, I can tell you that if I ran this school, it wouldn’t be!” † Two Point Campus will be the chance to realize this dream! After the great success of Two Point Hospital, a major overhaul of Theme Hospital, Two Point Studio dares to do something new. But will your campus fill your head with new things, or is it just a skin on a hospital?

You are the head of a college campus like you might find in the United States. Your responsibility is therefore shared between the well-being of your students, the uninterrupted arrival of knowledge in their brains, and the uninterrupted arrival of cash in your treasury. And let’s break the tension now, running a university is very different from running a hospital† It sounds crazy, but it was the biggest fear of the players of Two Point Hospital. You shouldn’t rush patients, thinking that the sooner it’s out, the better. Your students, you will have to keep them at home for the few years that their course lasts. It adds a bit of Sims side to the game as meeting their needs is not just a secondary game mechanic, it also affects their grades† Knowing that your income depends on their grades… Fortunately, a whole range of activities make it possible to satisfy them, such as extracurricular clubs or good big college parties.

Two point Campus: the management game of the year 2022?Two point Campus: the management game of the year 2022?


Far from the stream of comprehensible patients, here you have a fixed number of students that are determined at the beginning of the school year. The game is therefore divided into two phases: the school year itself and the summer holiday, where you choose which courses will be given in your establishment for the following year. This new, quieter phase is an opportunity to reorganize your rooms and buildings, there is no time limit for this. If your planning is right, you can enjoy fun animations and small fuss from your students for the rest of the year without having to hit the pause button to build new things.

Two point Campus: the management game of the year 2022?Two point Campus: the management game of the year 2022?

The developers wanted to reassure us about the replay of the game, which turned out to be a defect of Two Point Hospital. You will have to manage different campuses, with their visual specificities and their own training† Likewise, the students will have very different specificities, with Goths for example. We only had access to the first two campuses, it will be necessary to check over time how well the game manages to renew itself. One point nevertheless manages to reassure, it is the abundance oftools to speed up redundant builds† For example, my ability to copy and paste rooms, or to save plans to reuse them on another campus.

Two point Campus: the management game of the year 2022?


Finally, emphasis has been placed on customizing your campus. The developers didn’t expect that players in their previous game would love to make beautiful hospitals so much, that is, they don’t make the same mistake on Campus! There are many different elements available, from floors to walls to objects. But most of all, now you can draw your buildings the way you want† So you can expand existing buildings or buy land and build multiple buildings, or one big one, as you like. With courses taught outdoors, it’s a new universe that you can access, creating the campus that’s right for you. And all that in the game engine we know well, enriched with new animations (all redone, we’re told), with this glittering and funny design that works well.

Our impressions

Avoiding the lazy reskin trap, Two Point Campus promises to solve Two Point Hospital’s repetitive problems. It changes the pace of the game and evolves the gameplay loop, promising not to fall into the trap of repetition. If it becomes necessary to check how long these promises will be kept, we can already welcome the undeniable advances in ergonomics and personalization. Two Point Campus is on track to become one of the management games of the year!

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