Prime Day 2022: TV, smartphones, SSDs… the best Amazon promotions so you don’t miss out

live feed Prime Day 2022: TV, smartphones, SSDs… the best Amazon promotions so you don’t miss out

Amazon’s Prime Day is an extremely short event and even if it weren’t back in October, it’s still keeping its very limited 48-hour format. While you’re reading these lines, you only have a few hours left to take advantage of Amazon’s best offers. As a reminder, you have until 11:59pm tonight to grab a Prime Day offer.

Prime Day 2022: Amazon’s best offers disappear in a few hours, now’s the time to take advantage of them!

While this new Prime Day is still in full swing, we’re halfway through the event. Tonight it is no longer possible to take advantage of Prime Day offers. The event ends tonight at 11:59 PM, so there’s still time to have fun and why not fall for this wireless gaming headset that made you doubt so much.

If you arrive en route and you know absolutely nothing about Amazon’s Prime Day, remember that it is an event specific to the American giant, initially organized once a year and intended to offer the best deals of the year. If the event is normally held once a year, this year is exceptional as it is currently a second Prime Day that no one saw coming.

There are two ways to take advantage of Prime Day if you haven’t already, and you don’t have to pay a single dollar to access the event:

  • Or you are a member of the Amazon Prime program you don’t have to do anything special to access the event and take advantage of the offers. It’s included in your membership, and it would be wrong not to use it!
  • In the case where you are not an Amazon Prime member, don’t panic, we know how to get access to all exclusive offers for free. Just activate Amazon Prime’s 30-day free trial and you’re done! If you don’t want to subscribe permanently, know that you can cancel this subscription at any time before the end of your free trial.

Try Amazon Prime Free for 30 Days

Here’s our pick of the best live Amazon Prime deals

  • Get the AMD Radeon 6900XT graphics card as powerful as an RTX 3080Ti for €799 instead of €1905
  • Buy the SSD-compatible PS5 and PC Samsung 980 Pro from 1 TB to 118€ instead of 133€
  • Buy the HyperX Cloud 2 gaming headset for €49 instead of €99
  • Buy the Google Pixel 6 for €510 instead of €649
  • Buy the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 connected watch for €199 instead of €299
  • Buy the Kindle Paperwhite for €124 instead of €169
  • Buy the FIFA 23 video game on PS5 for €60 instead of €67

See all Prime Day deals on Amazon

Last July we already had the usual Prime Day as we know it every year. If the event were to take place only once a year in the summer, Amazon has decided to innovate this year by repeating the operation in October. In short, the big promotions of the year are back this fall, enough to give us a taste of the upcoming Black Friday.

Like last July, Amazon plans to project itself at the front of the stage to demoralize the competition just before Black Friday. Thanks to this operation, the American e-commerce giant not only wants to anchor a little deeper to assert its ascendancy, but above all you can close very good deals and get maximum profit. The resulting savings can clearly pay back your Amazon Prime subscription in one go.

We’re talking about PC gamers, connected objects, SSDs, high-quality wireless or wired headsets, or even goodies or Lego for young and old. Add to that PS5, Xbox Series or Switch gaming products to optimally equip your small connected home.

Try Amazon Prime Free for 30 Days

Thanks to Amazon Prime’s 30-day free trial, not only do you have access to Prime Day 2022, but you can also access all the other services included in the Amazon subscription.

  • Unlimited free priority delivery anywhere in France but also in Belgium;
  • Same day delivery of your Monoprix purchases is free in eligible areas;
  • Unlimited access to Amazon Music Prime and its 2 million songs to listen to on all your devices;
  • Unlimited access to the Prime Video catalog on all your devices;
  • Unlimited access to Prime Reading’s library of books to read on all your devices;
  • Access to Prime Gaming to collect monthly bonuses on select games and free games;
  • Offered a monthly subscription for the Twitch channel of your choice.

Normally, you can take full advantage of all these services within a month to get a clearer picture of the complete package. If you don’t like the benefits, you can cancel at any time before the end of the trial period. So you really don’t pay a cent!

If, on the other hand, you decide to extend your Amazon Prime experience, keep in mind that the subscription will only cost you $69.90 per year, or $6.99 per month if you prefer the monthly plan.

Prime Day 2022: Nintendo Switch, PS5 and Xbox series… there’s still time to take advantage of the best deals on Amazon

Even if our content has been highly diversified for some time and we now offer you many choices other than video games (goodies, derivatives, connected devices or even micro SD cards), we naturally intend to bring you the best. offers to share for consoles and video games.

DualSense or Xbox Elite controllers, AAA games on Switch, PS5 and Xbox Series or even consoles and console packs… You need to free up as much space as possible on your shelves because these big promotions will make your head spin.

Prime Day 2022: Amazon doesn’t forget technology and plans big discounts for its Prime members

High-tech does not refer to a specific product, but to a large number of products that can be linked together in one way or another. This can be smartphones, gaming laptops, game consoles… in short, the field is huge.

As journalists specializing in technology, we closely follow the news from all these sectors, no matter how varied they are. Our goal is to try to pass on, popularize and share our knowledge with you.

For someone who is not quite knowledgeable in the field, it is difficult to see clearly in this very thick catalog. Benefit from good advice on the characteristics of the products, what are the best prices. The aim is to follow developments in order to inform you as well as possible.

All our teams are looking for the best offer, the best promotion for high-tech products. And all this for you!

During Prime Day 2022, Amazon will offer you insane prices to find the gaming PC you need

If Prime Day is mainly taken by gamers, it’s probably because of the rather attractive offers affecting PCs. Graphics cards, processors, screens, mice or even wireless gaming headsets, there is definitely something for every budget and every taste.

If some have taken advantage of the sales or even the French days to complete or improve their setup, the Prime Day could allow them to turn a good setup into an incredible setup!

Be careful, the best offers risk leaving after just a few hours, we recommend that you prepare your credit card and seize the opportunity before the gaming laptop of your dreams passes by.

Prime Day 2022: Amazon drops the price of smartphones and you have until 11:59 pm tonight to take advantage

If you want to switch smartphones, Prime Day may be the perfect opportunity to opt for a new, more recent model. Apple, Samsung, Oppo or even Xiaomi, without forgetting the famous Google Pixel 6, are all looking for their best promotions.

By continuously offering more and more advanced models, the leading brands in the market are constantly renewing their models in the pursuit of perfection. Amazon has understood this and is preparing to release a slew of promotions for its subscribers.

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