PS5: Any images of the next game from Haven, Jade Raymond’s studio?

Game News PS5: Any images of the next game from Haven, Jade Raymond’s studio?

It’s now official: Haven Studios is working on a PS5 exclusive, and for good reason… the studio owned by Sony. Sublime artwork can already be seen on the official site and gives a possible preview of their new game.

(again) Imminent start for Jade Raymond

Jade Raymond is not just anyone, but has not always been lucky in her career. Producer ofAssassin’s Creed first of the name (and secondly too), it directly participated in the rise of one of the biggest video game franchises, which earned him a lot of media attention. Quite logical and besides, she left Ubisoft for Electronic Arts, responsible for the creation of Motive, before moving to Visceral Games.

Unfortunately, this last studio will be closed and the Canadian will have moved to Google to take care of Stadia, with the success we know in the service. But this time it’s the right one! In March 2021, she founded Haven Studios, a brand new company dedicated to the development of AAA games: a company just acquired by Sony, then joined PlayStation Studios alongside organizations such as Insomniac Games, Santa Monica, Sucker Punch, and Polyphony Digital. And yes, she is working on an unreleased game for the PS5.

An ambitious sci-fi game for the PS5

At the moment we don’t know exactly what this new project will look like, except it will be a game based on “a systemic, evolving world centered around freedom, excitement and total playability that will keep players engaged for years to come” This is a downright tempting pitch.

And exactly, by walking directly on the official Haven Studios site, we can already see several promising artworks illustrating a gigantic futuristic world, skillfully mixing vegetation and urbanism and supporting grandeur. like it is, it is not yet known if the images really match the software in development or if they are just artist sketches, used to furnish the gallery pending the lighting of the project. The fact is that both assumptions are very valid, no concrete description is given as guidance.

We will therefore try to solve our problems patiently while waiting for a real curtain riser. Maybe this year?

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