PS5: good news, the DualSense will soon be better integrated on PC

News hardware PS5: good news, the DualSense will soon be better integrated on PC

So far, the DualSense is indeed usable on PC and moreover, that makes the happiness of some devotees of the Sony controller. The manufacturer is clearly preparing for a small interesting phase in its integration on this particular platform.

The DualSense will be updated directly on the PC soon

If the Xbox controller is perfectly compatible on PC (this is one of the big arguments), we must not forget the DualSense of the PS5, which has also opened up to this platform since its arrival on the market. So it is quite possible to play computer games with the controller, or at least much easier than the DualShock 4 which involved some fiddling.

However, Sony seems poised to gear up, although it’s unclear how this will translate in the future. It’s in a post published on the official PlayStation site, but removed because we learned about it DualSense owners can update the controller’s firmware directly on PC without owning a PlayStation 5, where until now it was necessary to connect the pad to his PS5 to get the new firmware. Special software should allow it directly, without the console, on Windows.

PS5: good news, the DualSense will soon be better integrated on PC

heading for new PC games that use the DualSense?

In itself, using DualSense on PC without updating was quite possible and therefore shouldn’t change much for the players. On the other hand, Sony’s desire to open up to this platform suggests that the manufacturer has many plans for its PC controller.

In the first place, we imagine new games should make the most of adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, the touchpad and other features of the DualSense on Windows: this was already the case for a few chosen ones, such as F1 2021death loop True Metro Exodus† Other titles from third-party publishers may follow the trend.

Second, we can also launch the theory of perfect compatibility with the new PlayStation Plus, which will be released this summer. Depending on the level of subscription, a full catalog of PlayStation games will be playable in cloud gaming on PC and the hypothesis of perfect compatibility cannot be ruled out. To be continued…

PS5: good news, the DualSense will soon be better integrated on PC

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