PS5: We Bet You Didn’t Know This Accessory For Less Than $30

News good deal PS5: We Bet You Didn’t Know This Accessory For Less Than $30

With each generation of consoles, it’s kind of the same old story and we’re entitled to a whole host of accessories that should enhance our experience, be it for gaming or multimedia. One of Sony’s iconic accessories since the PS2, the camera is obviously back on PS5 and is available at half price at Carrefour.

Sony and PlayStation cameras, a long love affair

The love story between Sony and cameras is not new, it is a long romance that has lasted since 2003 on PlayStation 2 and the famous EyeToy. It was developed at the time by Logitech on behalf of Sony and made it possible to play games specially developed for this accessory with a motion recognition system. The beginning of the famous Motion Gaming in a way, long before the release of the Nintendo Wii.

In 2007, the EyeToy was replaced on the PlayStation 3 by the PlayStation Eye, which then had a resolution that was 4 times higher and it was possible to take photos in jpeg, a small revolution at the time… The microphone for him was equipped with a noise and echo cancellation system and even speech recognition allowed. It was then associated with the PlayStation Move, to bring a new experience of Motion Gaming that would compete with the Wii, which was a hit all over the world at the time.

On PS4, the camera has been even more useful, even proving essential to a whole chunk of the console catalog. Indeed, it was an essential accessory to operate the famous PS4 VR headset to optimize motion recognition.

Buy the PS5 HD camera at 29€ at Carrefour (with membership card)

Stream like a pro with the HD camera for PS5 at half price

PS5: We Bet You Didn't Know This Accessory For Less Than $30

With the PlayStation 5, history inevitably repeats itself, and so there is indeed an official camera, soberly called “HD Camera for PS5”. It must be said that in the absence of Motion Gaming-esque games and the PS VR 2 that is not yet available, it did not have the same marking as its elders.

Here the purpose of the HD camera is more classic, it will mainly be used to stream your games and integrate your face in the videos. For the occasion, it is equipped with two 1080p sensors to give your video montages the best version of yourself. In addition, you can also count on an adjustable stand to easily place the camera on any support or on top of your television.

Normally available for €59.95, the HD camera for PS5 is currently available for -50% at Carrefour for all members. If you don’t already have the Carrefour card, nothing could be easier,
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Buy the PS5 HD camera at 29€ at Carrefour (with membership card)

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