RTX 3060: The graphics card is back in stock at a reasonable price

News good deal RTX 3060: The graphics card is back in stock at a reasonable price

Rue du Commerce gave us a nice surprise this Wednesday! We find the latest generation of graphics cards at home at prices we hadn’t seen for a long time. For example, the Nvidia RTX 3060 is offered for less than € 550 and it is in stock! It’s clearly time to show up if you finally want to take advantage of Ray-Tracing!

Rue du Commerce currently offers the RTX 3060 in the version reviewed by the Zotac brand. Double fan and solid structure are at the rendezvous with this graphics card full of promises of immersive and fluid games! Proposed at 545 € instead of 603 €, we have a very good deal that threatens to evaporate quickly.

Buy the RTX 3060 for €545 in the Rue du Commerce

The world of graphics cards has recently undergone drastic changes. When the COVID was over, the hardware world was hit hard by the closure of the semi-component production lines. The latter is essential in the construction of graphics cards.

The restrictions are over, but the demand is still there. With builders struggling to keep up, what had to happen happened. We have seen component shortages follow one another and the price of graphics cards (GPUs) soaring. This was so strong that even cards from previous generations were affected.

Over time, however, the situation seems to be improving. Now prices are starting to drop to more accessible heights. Moreover, it happened at the time of the launch of the latest generation of graphics cards designed by Nvidia, the RTX 30XX.

Following on from the RTX 20XX, this new generation brings its share of new features, but above all a surplus of power that makes all the difference, especially in AAA games. And the RTX 3060 is part of this new generation of GPUs that can provide a smooth, immersive and above all authentic gaming experience.

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060, the open door to Ray-Tracing

At Nvidia, we have specialized in graphics cards for a long time. The RTX 30XX is the heir to a long tradition that has allowed each generation to see improvements.

The RTX 20XX paved the way for Ray-Tracing, this technology that enhances the effects of light, shadows and reflections, giving games a more realistic aspect.

With the RTX 30XX we are clearly in this area and the RTX 3060 is a representative that should not be ashamed of its strength. The RTX 3060 is in the entry/mid range and aims to be the best price/power ratio of the new generation of Nvidia cards.

This takes advantage of the Ampere architecture, second generation RT cores. It contains no less than 3584 CUDA cores and has a 12GB video memory in GDDR6 format.

In short, this means that the RTX 3060 graphics card feels right at home at 1080p. That it can even afford the luxury of running games at over 120 fps with Ray-Tracing enabled. But what’s strong is that it can even hold the resolution above, 1440p.

In addition, with the Zotac structure, this graphics card benefits from efficient cooling, allowing you to enjoy your RTX 3060 even with the most demanding games.

So, if you’re looking for an up-to-date graphics card without breaking the bank that can run just about anything, go for this RTX 3060 from Zotac!

Buy the RTX 3060 for €545 in the Rue du Commerce

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