Soon also Call of Duty: NFTs?

Game news Soon also Call of Duty: NFTs?

NFTs have been a recurring topic in the news for quite some time now. Just like Call of Duty, by the way. Could their paths cross in the future? It would at least be under study, according to one well-informed internet user…

NFTs at any cost

We know it, we hear it: a new generation of Call of Duty brews quietly in the dark. Little by little, some information pops up here and there thanks to an official tweet, a slightly too talkative job offer or insiders with precious information: in any case, we owe the rumor of the day to RalphsValve, a well-known internet site user and in particular location regarding the news of the military franchise.

So it’s clear that it’s especially important not to take the whole speech at face value, but the facts deserve to be reported while using tweezers: he claims that NFTs are being studied for possible integration… in Call of Duty.

With the Call of Duty UX/UI overhaul, Infinity Ward plans to customize Activision accounts to include maps, world emblems, avatars, and stats.

The incorporation of NFT would be considered by Activision. NFTs have been studied for several months. With EA’s recent opposition to NFTs, this may never succeed.

Nothing is certain yet

NFTs would therefore still be under study and for now, nothing says they will be well served in the Call of Duty universe, in any way. It must be said that the different video game players have quite opposite positions: on the one hand, a giant like Ubisoft who has reiterated its interest in the thing, and on the other, EA who opposes it, just like some development studios have opted for back pedaling

Without necessarily talking about NFT, at least we’ve known lately that Activision is preparing what it internally calls “CoD 2.0,” a whole new era for Call of Duty. This is due to the arrival of war zone on mobile, but also by a paid subscription system which would be under development.

As for the next game in the saga, This will be the sequel to Modern Warfare and it may not come out this year, according to the sounds of corridors. It must be said that some do not hesitate to describe the project as: “open world”which would radically change the situation…

Soon also Call of Duty: NFTs? Soon also Call of Duty: NFTs?

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