Splatoon 3 finally gives us some news!

Game News Splatoon 3 finally gives us some news!

Splatoon 3 is out this summer and the game is slowly unfolding. This time it is the opening of the official site, accompanied by a series of images of the game.

Nintendo recently focused on releasing Kirby and the Forgotten World, but now that it’s out, the marketing campaign for Splatoon 3 can resume† This is why the builder comes to open the official site from Splatoon 3. The ability to discover images of the game.

The official site is open

Splatoon 3 is scheduled for release this summer and is awaited by fans of the series from Nintendo third person shooter† The manufacturer took advantage of the opening of the official website (found herein Japanese) from Splatoon 3, to reveal some information about the title on his Twitter account. If we are still waiting for a direct dedicated to the game to know all the details and novelties of this third opus, this Twitter thread is dedicated to the tradition of the title

Interested in #Splatoon3 but new to the world of Inklings and Octolings? We’ll walk you through some basics in this thread!

What is an Inkling? An Inkling is a creature that can transform from a humanoid into a squid! In humanoid form, Inklings can wield cool weapons and equipment, but in squid form they can dive, reload and swim in ink pools, allowing them to move much faster!

All weapons in #Splatoon3 use colored ink! Hit an opponent with enough and they get splashed! But don’t worry, even if you miss, you’ll still cover the field with your team’s colored ink, which has its own advantages.

Use your squid skills to get a leg/tentacle on the opposing team!

  • Move faster than a humanoid by swimming through your ink
  • Reload your gun while it’s submerged in your ink
  • Hide/Ambush your opponents by dipping in your ink
  • Swim over walls fast and get height advantage

When Inklings and Octolings go head to head, they use a wide selection of ink-based weapons. These designs may look unusual, but whether it’s a Splattershot, Slosher, Brella or anything else, they can deliver the ink!

Battle and co-op in Splatoon 3

The opening of the site was also an opportunity to discover images of the game (some are new, others were revealed a while ago), and their in-game context. We find out what environments and characters of the title.

Splatsville / Bunkara Town, also known as “Chaotic City”, the centerpiece of the game

Turf War / Nawabari Battle, 4v4 mode, three minute games (already present in previous games)

Return of the Mammalians, the single player mode

Salmon Run, the co-op mode for two to four players

Splatoon 3 will be out on Switch this summer. With the official site open and Kirby out, we think the official release date will be announced soon.

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