terrible news for the most anticipated game of the year

A few weeks ago we introduced you the difference Computer Games in open world planned for 2022, the opportunity to have an overview of the many news that await us this year. And among all these titles there was one MMOs (lMassively Multiplayer Online) by survival, set in an America ravaged by a virulent pandemic, which interested many players. Unfortunately, it seems that a recent information has come to strain the patience of fans of the genre.

bad news for survival fans

While The day beforethe next open-world survival MMO developed by Fntastic should be out next monththe hype had never been greater for the game. Indeed, the latter is currently tops the list of most wanted games on Steam, proving the players’ anticipation for this brand new title. And yet they will have to take their troubles patiently because the developers have made an official announcement, in which we learn in particular that the release date of the game has now been postponed

As reported IGNFntastic released a statement explaining that the game will move to a next-gen engine by moving to Unreal Engine 5.† Therefore, the transition will take time, and leaving The day before was eventually shifted to March next year. Below is the press release from the developers:

Millions of people have added The Day Before to their wish lists, making The Day Before one of the most anticipated games in the world.

We feel and understand the great responsibility that lies upon us and with immense gratitude in our hearts, we are pleased to announce that The Day Before is transitioning to the new Unreal Engine 5 technology! The transition to a more advanced and responsive open worlds engine will make the gameplay of The Day Before even more fantastic.

In this regard, we inform you that the new release date of the game will be March 1, 2023.

Good news for some, for whom moving to Unreal Engine 5 is a promise and that this will allow the maximum use of the capabilities of this ambitious title. But it’s also bad news for anyone eager to try out this new game from this young Russian studio.

As a memory, The day before is a Survival MMO that plunges us into a post-apocalyptic America ravaged by “infected”on the border between The division and The last of us† The complete and diversified gameplay, the interactions with other players and the environment, as well as the rich and expansive world were all reasons that managed to entice the audience.

However, some are still a little skeptical about these promises, which may seem exaggerated.† Indeed, Fntastic is a young and still unknown development studio founded in 2015, based in Russia. Despite having very few games to its credit, the studio still gained prominence last year, after the game’s release. prop night

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