the first DLSS 3.0 compatible games arrive this week

With the RTX 4000, Nvidia’s latest GPUs under the new Ada Lovelace architecture, the green team has also launched the new generation of DLSS, the famous supersampling technology. However, the manufacturer has just confirmed the arrival of the first compatible games this week.

nvidia dlss 3
Credit: Nvidia

At GTC 2022, Nvidia has lifted the veil on the RTX 4080 and 4090 as promised, the latest GPUs under the new Ada Lovelace architecture. With its graphics cards, the green team promises exceptional in-game performance (2 to 4 times higher), thanks in particular to DLSS 3.0 integrationthe latest generation of its AI-assisted supersampling technology.

Recently, our colleagues at Digital Foundry were able to testify to: the efficiency of DLSS 3.0, with performance that is 2 to 5 times better in 4K. In addition, a benchmark of the RTX 4090 recently published confirms that the FPS counter explodes on Overwatch 2 to reach 500 FPS in 1440p.

The first DLSS 3.0 compatible games are coming

And as you may know, the RTX 4090 is officially available from October 7, 2022. For the occasion, the green team has just announced the arrival of three DLSS 3.0 compatible games this Wednesday, October 12, 2022. The first is Marvel’s Spiderman Remastered, the gateway to the old PlayStation exclusive.

Particularly fluent thanks to the DLSS 2.0Nvidia promises up to twice the performance with DLSS 3.0, even “in CPU-intensive scenarios”. With an RTX 4090, we note an average of 207 FPS in 4K with Ray Tracing enabled and all graphics options maxed out on a PC equipped with an Intel i9-12900K SoC, 32GB RAM and Windows 11 x64.

In the same setup, a 16GB RTX 4080 averages 175 FPSagainst 144 GB in the 12 GB version. Then the second DLSS 3.0 compatible game is none other than great people, a very popular battle royale on Steam. According to Nvidia, users can get 400 FPS without blinking an eyelid. Loopmancer is also compatible with DLSS 3.0 since October 12, 2022, with performance up to 2.7 times higher according to Nvidia (with no further details from the manufacturer).

Note that these are not the only titles of the week to be compatible with DLSS 3.0. This will be the case of Microsoft Flight Simulator from October 18, 2022. Nvidia announces an average of 152 FPS with an RTX 4090 on the aforementioned configuration. The promising A Plague Tale: Requiem from French studio Asobo will also be compatible when it releases on October 18. Here again, Nvidia promises good fluidity with an average of 175 FPS with an RTX 4090and 128 FPS with an RTX 4080 16 GB (still using the same graphics presets and configuration).

nvidia dlss 3
Credit: Nvidia