the next expansion just leaked and players will be thrilled

Announced in November 2019, shadow countrieslast extension dated World of Warcraftwas finally delayed in November 2020. An extension that failed to convince and which many gamers now wish were a thing of the past. And that’s a good thing, the next expansion to Blizzard’s MMORPG has just leaked.

a leak via the wow site

Last January, a certain ItsYourself published in the columns of the forums of the MMO Champion site alleged leaks regarding the next expansion of World of Warcraft† With the approach of an official announcement, the rumors will follow one another, it remains to be seen which ones are credible. A few months have passed since the publication of this leak and it appears that the source code of the site of World of Warcraft confirms it.

While snooping through the source code, a file called “Dragonflight” was discovered there. A possible first confirmation that ties in with the leak from last January. Dragonflight thus clearly refers to the fire-breathing dragons. Scaled creatures, very present in Azeroth, would therefore be central to this new expansion. However, it’s also possible that this discovery, which dates back to April 1, is a hoax set up by Blizzard to mislead players.

A relatively late April Fools’ Day joke that makes no sense. Especially since, if we are to believe Blizzard’s roadmap, there will be a speech on April 19. The leaks are not new to World of Warcraftwhich already had to deal with a leak before shadow countriesthe latest expansion. A few months after the leak last January, it makes more and more sense.

a 10.0 with huge content

An expansion that would be called “Dragon Isles” (The Dragon Islands / The Draconic Islands) and that would contain a new zone, a new race and a new game system. It is possible that Dragonflight is the name given to the extension internally. An extension that would take place after shadow countries, while the jailer is defeated and Azeroth is smashed. Blizzard would take the opportunity to post the package with a series of major events. Earthquakes, invasions, time travel described as a “mini-season” returning to many dungeons and raids around Azeroth, enough to promise great content.

A world boss would be presented to players: “Garaddon, son of Galakrond”. Azeroth would also benefit from a new plan and system based on a particular talent tree. A new race known as the “black dragons” would appear and could be of any class possible. An expected 10.0 which should reveal its details in the coming days. Anyway, it looks like Blizzard has pulled out all the stops for this new expansion. The American giant seems determined to bring players back to its servers. And as with previous expansions, it’s a safe bet the servers won’t hold up at launch.