These Android and iOS apps are temporarily free

As every week, NextPit offers you a selection of good deals on mobile applications and games for iOS and Android that are normally paid for but are temporarily free in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

This list ofFree applications is updated weekly with at least two weekly editions, Tuesday and Saturday. Between publication and the time you view this article, some apps may be repaid. Google Play Store promotions on apps are pretty easy to predict, but it’s more complicated with the App Store’s because Apple doesn’t specify the validity period of the discount.

Little advice: find an interesting application, but can’t really use it right now? Install the app anyway and then uninstall it from your device. This makes the app part of your app library and you can reinstall it for free whenever you need it. A good way not to miss a short-lived promo.

Temporarily free Android apps in the Google Play Store

Temporarily free Android productivity/lifestyle apps on the Google Play Store

  • Unit Converter (Pega Pro) Premium (7.99€) Very complete currency and unit converter, which we have already recommended to you several times. It even converts currencies into bitcoins daily
  • Unit Converter Pro (0.79€) As the name suggests, this application allows you to convert units from 18 different categories such as mass, distance, temperature or even volume, time and many others.
  • Code Alerts: BL3 (Pro) (1.29€) This application helps to keep abreast of the latest Shift codes for the video game Borderlands 3. The application provides code warnings and does not contain ads

Android mobile games temporarily free in the Google Play Store

  • Lil Big Invasion: Dungeon Buzz (2.29€) An action adventure game inspired by the 2D dungeon crawler genre. You will have to find the little fireflies that are lost in suspicious dungeons.
  • Data protection 3.89€ A minimalistic tower defense game set in cyberspace. You will have to protect the servers from bugs and viruses
  • Castle Defender Premium (0.59€) A tower defense game that offers the chance to use all your knowledge of defense strategies. Will you be able to face it?
  • Cyber ​​Fighters: Offline Game (1.09€) After the third world war, people became cyber fighters and fight for survival. In the premium version of this fighting game, you can access better outfits for your characters to fight in a cyberpunk world
  • Infinity Dungeon 2 (0.99€) A dungeon crawler in which your goal is to collect a team of heroes and start a quest to clear dungeons forever and upgrade your equipment
  • block puzzle (3.49€)A different and relaxing puzzle game where you just need to touch and drag the block you want to move to make lines on the horizontal and vertical axes to make the blocks explode

Temporarily free iOS apps in the Apple App Store

Productivity/lifestyle iOS apps temporarily free on the Apple App Store

  • Find Ace Pro (0.99€) Boost your web searches by using multiple search tools at once, with special features for YouTube Picture-in-Picture mode and Apple Watch support.
  • Calendar widget (2.29€) A great widget for your iPhone and iPad that shows the whole month or only important upcoming events
  • LunarSight: lunar calendar (4.49€If you are a moon lover, this astronomy app gives you access to moon phases, calendar and position data for any date and location on Earth.
  • Mela 2 – Synth & FX (16.99€) A virtual analog synthesizer and multi-effects processor with a clean interface. It can be loaded as an instrument or effects plugin in GarageBand. It works seamlessly on iPhone, iPad and Mac.
  • The vector converter (3.49€)This application allows you to convert your files to almost any vector or image format: SVG, EPS, PNG, PS, JPG, BMP, TIFF, WEBP, PSD, PDF, etc.
  • less (1.09€)An intuitive wellness app that combines multiple poses and breathing techniques to help you achieve mindfulness
  • Mencal (2.29€) In case the above app is not enough, Mencal will help you train your mental arithmetic skills so that you never need a calculator again. To do this, it provides a comprehensive list of math tricks to help you solve any problem.

iOS games temporarily free in the Apple App Store

  • Poker doll! (€1.09) A domino style tile matching game where you place cards on the board to create poker hands and score as many points as possible before the board is full
  • Triangle – Strategy Game (1.09€)The developer claims that only the top 5% can crack this strategy game. Are you ready to do this?
  • Azrael (2.29€) An indie music game with simple and clear edits. The game features pieces created by artists around the world as well as beautiful seal paintings drawn by illustrators
  • Cosmic Frontline AR (€3.49) An augmented reality strategy game centered on space combat
  • Paintiles (3.49€) A fun game where you have to paint the tiles to make the bombs appear and detonate them to clear the board
  • 8-bit console tank (€3.49) A classic tank battle game straight from the 80s

What do you think of our selection this week? Have you found any other cool apps or games in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store? Feel free to share your tips in the comments.

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