This is why you are no longer receiving your emails from

Since a few days, users of the email service can no longer access their emails through a third-party application. La Poste confirms and mentions “security reasons”, but it is still possible to use the service.

Update May 5 at 7:25 PM : The La Poste group has just provided us with new information about its courier service. explains to us that it: ” decide to gradually lift the preventive measure disabling the consultation of email accounts via third-party software or applications (Mail on Windows, Mail application on Apple, Thunderbird, etc.)”† As a reminder, this is software that uses the POP/IMAP protocols).

The La Poste group says to itself “aware of the specific difficulties health professionals face” and make sure “the teams of are mobilized to restore the proper functioning of the service as a priority for these professionals to reduce the impact on their activities and their patients”† We also learn that “the technical system set up by the teams starts from a huge protection mechanism access by third-party applications to: a selective release mechanism consultation of messaging via another platform (via the POP/IMAP protocol) while preserving the security of user data

Management tells us that the service will be restored gradually

  • From Monday 9 May for identified health workers causing the service to gradually reactivate. Restoring this service may take several days.
  • From Wednesday 11 May for all users who will be able to gradual have access to the consultation of messaging through another platform.

In the meantime, would like to remind you that it is possible to consult your emails and manage your account. ever since webmail or themobile app† However, several of our readers have told us that they are also experiencing issues when using these tools.

Updated on May 4 at 12:35 pm – Contacted by us, the La Poste group responded via a press release:

“The security of user data is the priority for the teams at la This is why, since April 27, the deactivation of the consultation of email accounts through another platform is maintained. This concerns, for example, consulting e-mails via messaging access software, mobile applications or other web messaging services.

This deactivation of the consultation of e-mail accounts through any other platform follows the detection of abnormal behavior in attempts to access e-mail accounts thanks to the constant and proactive monitoring of teams. These access attempts use a list of passwords and associated emails via a dataset that can be found on the Internet.

The teams of are being mobilized to get the service up and running again as soon as possible. However, this preventative measure will remain in effect until access is restored through the secure POP/IMAP protocol for users.

Users can still check their emails and manage their account directly from or by the special mobile application

As a precaution, recommends that its users use a strong and regularly changed password and to equip themselves with an up-to-date antivirus program on each of their equipment. It is also working on adding additional measures to further strengthen the security of connections to messaging.

The teams at are aware of the inconvenience and apologize for the inconvenience caused. †

If you have a… address @laposte.netyou meet for sure some difficulties† Since a few days it is no longer possible to access your e-mail from e-mail software or third-party applications. Do not attempt to change your settings or change tools, the problem comes from the courier service of the La Poste group. You have to go to the website to find an information message; explaining that the POP and IMAP protocols “temporarily closed”† The email service is calling “a security measure” and specifies that the messages can be reached from the website or the official mobile app.

The problem surfaced last week and affects tens of thousands of users. So for now it is impossible to go through the Windows Mail application, Apple Mail or even Thunderbird. On Twitter, the La Poste account confirmed Which “This measure has been taken for security reasons and for an indefinite period of time”† You must be patient with your illness; and use the website or application to access their emails.

La Poste invites its users to wait

Please note that in case of hacking, the service has 72 hours to notify the CNIL. However, there is no indication that this is a breach and that personal data has been compromised. We will have to wait for clearer communication from La Poste die “Please wait a little longer” down
The post office guest users of its email service to “wait a little longer”. © Screenshot/Twitter

Faced with the American giants of Google (Gmail) or Microsoft (Outlook), relies on simplicity and claims an interface “intuitive”† Pioneer of messaging in France, the service offers basic features such as the ability to create up to 6 aliases. It also offers 5 GB of storage. Finally, addresses can send up to 20 MB of attachments and take advantage of built-in anti-spam