Thousands of apps send your data to Russia

Your personal information are they as well protected as you think? or on internet or on you smartphoneyou expose yourself every time you use internet

A few days ago, the Financial times reported that several million people were affected by a huge data collectionaccording to numberama

These are not hackers or so scammers behind this sharing of your personal information, but a Russian digital giant. It is about Yandex, Google’s competitor in the land of the tsars.

Indeed, the Russian company offers an application development kit (SDK) for free. In return, applications that use it must provide user information. This Russian software called Metric app is used by more than 50,000 apps indicates the Numerama site.

In the columns of financialTimeconfirms the Russian search engine that this software makes it possible to collect information from its users, such as: “the device, the network and the IP address”, reports the specialized site. All this data is stored “both in Finland and in Russia”, specifies the Russian digital giant.

Find out in the slideshow below 10 popular apps in France that send your data to Russia

To find the 100 most popular apps in France that use App Metrica, go to here.

Data collection: how do you protect yourself?

For protect your data digital devices, it is not enough to be careful when using a computer. Now your phones are main goals of these digital giants. Indeed, with your smartphone you can connect to the internetuse social networks or just download apps

If you do not want a third party to collect your personal data, you should “check the permissions requested by the applications, the specialized site reports begeek† “You have to ask yourself whether this or that permission fits this or that application.”

So that an application cannot be used to collect your personal data, you should also think about the update regularly

Are you unsure about an application? try you to informabout it before installing it on your mobile. If you’re still hesitating despite your research, don’t download it! So you do not run any risk.

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