Tips for Long Lasting Gear with the Catalyst of Creation – World of Warcraft

the creative catalyst has been available on WoW since this Wednesday and many players have already turned objects into set pieces. A week-long cool-down gives you plenty of time to think about your next transformations. On this topic, Arasitar had the excellent idea to publish long-term advice to best manage this tool from Zereth Mortis.

I suggest you find his information below, translated into French for the occasion. Keep in mind that some tips refer to minor improvements, but when you want to optimize, this can be important. It is also a matter of steering you towards BiS in the long run.

  1. Higher ilvl items that are not sets can be converted to higher ilvl sets (head, shoulders, chest, hands, legs) in the long run. For example, for fabrics, the Mythical Jailer drops 285 gloves that can be converted to ilvl 285 gloves (Lihuvim drops 278 gloves). Plate wielders can get 285 gloves on Rygelon and 285 legs on the Jailer, both ilvl upgrades over Lihuvim and Halondrus’ 278 gloves.
  2. While the other slots (back, wrists, waist, feet) get no effect, you can use the Creation Catalyst to turn a piece with bad secondary stats into an item with potentially better secondary stats (found in This article secondary stats for equipment).
  3. Many loot drops from the grave are now relevant as possible set-pieces. Tell your guild what coins you want on non-tier bosses.
  4. This includes Binds if any. The price of multiple BoEs should skyrocket as you can now use them to craft a set piece or convert them into a better piece with better secondary stats.
  5. You can still use the restore object to restore an old deleted part.
  6. Start guarding certain pieces of equipment when they get tertiaries or outlets. For example, you can have a fully upgraded M+ 272 helmet with a socket to use it now, while you have an ilvl 278 helmet that you can add a socket to later, if you have a lot of Valor to spend on an interim improvement obtain if the outlet is worth it.

Finally, note that you can also restore ilvl 285 parts in the big safe† It’s rare, but it’s possible.

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