Ubisoft Announces Rainbow Six Mobile – News

80 million. This is the number of people who launched at least once Rainbow Six Siege since its debut in December 2015, which gives an idea of ​​the number of more or less approving glances Ubisoft will take when it comes to discovering Rainbow Six Mobile† The latter was primarily developed by Ubisoft Montreal, but by a different team than the one already in charge of it Rainbow Six Siege and specially formulated to focus on Rainbow Six Mobile, we hasten to clarify on the announcement ticket. †Siege players have nothing to fear: the Siege team is fully staffed and working hard on their own gameUbisoft anticipates.

Rainbow Six Mobile is as close to its living room counterpart as possible, so it’s a tactical and competitive FPS with a team of five attackers versus a team of the same number of defenders. The basics of gameplay, characters and maps are similar to Siege’s, but many things have been redesigned for support, including ergonomics, interface, visual layout and a “all new gameplay system“designed for mobile.”With only one life at their disposal and the inability to revive during a round, and increasingly intense matches, players will have to quickly adapt to their environment, master the art of fortifying places and infiltrate enemy territory to lead their team to victory“, we’ve been told.

Fortunately, the mobile market has evolved enough to allow us to develop such an ambitious game that we love.“, we can also read, as if it were still necessary to justify this commercial decision at a time when Fortnite, PUBG, Call of Duty, Apex Legends or even Valorant are already on this platform or will be released soon. Preparation for 3 years , Rainbow Six Mobile is already ready to welcome players for the testing phases that will take place in the coming weeks, an essential step before we discuss an availability date. Registrations are open on the official site Game.

The publisher’s statement ends with a new precautionary measure intended to appease the melodrama he seems to be anticipating within the community. Rainbow Six Siege† †Finally, we wanted to appeal to Siege fans: our goal is not to convince you to stop playing on PC or console and only play on mobile. We know that nothing compares to the adrenaline rush of playing Siege on the big screen, or the precision of a mouse and keyboard. Since it is impossible to take your monitor with you, Rainbow Six Mobile allows you to play your favorite game during intense and easily accessible games. Millions of new players will also be able to discover the R6 experience.

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