UK government wins this protracted battle, fans can rejoice

Like it or not, online gaming is a huge part of the video game market these days. Like streaming platforms, manufacturers offer many different subscriptions that give access to different types of services. But some are not always easy to understand for the players. A finding that prompts PlayStation and Nintendo to review their copy.

Subscriptions not always clear

For years, the “online” is a central part of the video game world† Some of the most popular titles such as franchises duty, Battlefield True League of Legends rely mainly on their multiplayer mode, while others impose a permanent connection, even in solo. For this last case committed to Gran Turismo 7 exclusive to the PS5.

Speaking of PlayStation, we learned that the company, like Nintendo’s competitors, would be forced to review its online subscription policy. In question ? An overview of online game subscription practices, conducted by the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). This has indeed revealed some problems, such as auto-renewing subscriptions or unclear policies. We explain to you what the two Japanese companies are committed to.

Welcome changes

On the PlayStation side, the company is now committed to reaching out to PlayStation Plus subscriberswhich will soon transform to compete with Xbox’s GamePass) when they stop using its services for too long, to remind them that it is possible to cancel their subscription. If, despite the restart, the inactivity of the affected players persists, then PlayStation will have to terminate the relevant subscription.

As for Nintendo, the mother of the Wii, the DS and the Switch, there will be a small change that could make all the difference for players who tend not to check what they’re committing to. The automatic renewal option with Nintendo Switch Online is no longer the default option. avoiding levying more and more in the air to be regularly written off without realizing it.

In short, good news for players, who should feel a little more respected, and a lot of that should save money from now on!

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