up to -50% on the 10-second Y-Brush toothbrush for the French Days

Master of the matter, you can count on Y-Brush for your oral hygiene. The Lyon-based startup is revolutionizing your everyday life with its innovative toothbrush that thoroughly cleans your teeth in just 10 seconds† On the occasion of the French Days, you can save XXL on almost all products of the French brand: discounts of up to 50% are waiting for you! Until May 9 midnight, the NylonMed V2 Y-Brush pack, a real bestseller, drops to 79 euros† An unprecedented low price for the revolutionary toothbrush.

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With Y-Brush, 10 seconds are enough for impeccable oral hygiene

Brushing our teeth properly can easily be a chore for many of us. Faced with the two minutes recommended by dentists, the French brush their teeth on average for just 43 seconds. With its special shape and revolutionary technology, Y-Brush comes to shake up your oral routine. This toothbrush does a perfect job in just ten seconds

Y-Brush works like a classic toothbrush, manual or electric, except it covers all teeth of the same dental arch. It effectively brushes all your teeth at once instead of one by one. There you go, time to win.

The French Days honor French know-how. This is good since Y-Brush is the only electric toothbrush on the market made in France† For four years, the Lyon-based startup worked closely with a team of French dentists to develop a local toothbrush that can remove all dirt and plaque in record time. An independent clinical study confirms the effectiveness of Y-Brush.

It is not without reason that more than 60,000 French people currently rely on this innovative toothbrush for their oral hygiene. The television news from TF1, France 2, M6 and BFM TV continues to praise Y-Brush’s achievements. You could even find the Lyon startup on the show Who wants to be my partner?† Finally, Y-Brush has been present at CES in Las Vegas for three years and every edition is a real success.

Besides its special shape, in Y, the secret of Y-Brush lies in its innovative patented NylonMed V2 technology and its 35,000 flexible nylon filaments, as well as in its sonic vibration system. Y-Brush is the only toothbrush with this shape that is really effective† After all, other products with a similar design do not have the advanced technology and are therefore not able to remove plaque properly.

In addition to attentive customer service, you only have 48 hours waiting to receive your Y-Brush in your mailbox. The joys of trusting a French company: your product is shipped from the Lyon factory and you receive it very quickly.

Up to -50% discount during the French Days

During the French Days, almost all Y-Brush products are entitled to incredible discounts, up to -50%. The NylonMed V2 Pack is at a sacrificed price during these six exceptional days: it goes to 79 euros instead of 132.98 euros until 9 May midnight† It’s an unbeatable price! That’s why Y-Brush puts the small dishes in the big ones during the French Days. The brand has never offered such a low price for its bestseller. This is the most attractive offer in terms of value for money.

What does the Y-Brush NylonMed V2 pack contain:

  • A Y-Brush toothbrush
  • A handle with integrated battery
  • A toothpaste applicator
  • A USB cable
  • Access to the Brand Support Program

You can get the NylonMed V2 pack on the official Y-Brush website, as well as on the fnacDartyBakerShopping district or Amazon

For your toddlers, you can fall for the special package at 79 euros instead of 135.97 euros† Enjoy 30% off tube and chewing toothpaste to try something new. The toothpaste applicators for their part drop to 3.99 euros instead of 7.99 euros. Finally, if you want a spare brush head, these are on sale too.

you have until May 9, 2022 to take advantage of these multiple exclusive offers on Y-Brush products. Be quick to enjoy! They are valid within the limit of available stock† It would be a shame to miss…

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