Wargaming announces departure from Russia and Belarus – News

Founded in Minsk in 1998, the network known for World of TanksWorld of warships and World of Fighter Aircraft Announcement his decision to leave Russia and Belarus. A gesture decided after “a strategic review of its business activities worldwide” which means that the group will no longer have a subsidiary in these countries, directly or indirectly. Wargaming has also already transferred the management of its games in Russia and Belarus to the local management of Lesta Studio, which is no longer part of Wargaming Based in St. Petersburg, Lesta Studio joined Wargaming in 2011 and participated in the creation of World of warships

According to the official website, Wargaming has 5,500 employees in more than 20 offices around the world, statistics that will therefore be revised downwards. In 2011, Wargaming had moved its headquarters from Minsk to Nicosia, Cyprus, but the Belarusian capital remained at the heart of the development of World of Tanks and World of Tanks Blitz† However, the process to close the studio in Minsk is well underway. In addition, Wargaming had opened a mobile studio in Moscow in October 2017. Suffice it to say that leaving Russia and Belarus will not be without economic consequences for Wargaming, not to mention it will no longer benefit from the revenues from its games in Russia and Belarus, its original At home.

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The company will not benefit from this process, now or in the future. On the contrary, we expect to incur significant losses as a direct result of this decision. We will provide as much layoff and support as possible to our employees affected by this change. Despite the magnitude of this decision, we are confident in the future of our company and are committed to providing our players with quality games.we can read.

On February 26, in the early days of the war in Ukraine unleashed by Vladimir Putin, Wargaming’s image was tarnished by the words of creative director Sergey Burkatovskiy, who had publicly expressed his pro-Russian and thus pro-war views. Wargaming management quickly dropped the sanction. †All our employees are now focused on helping our more than 550 Kiyv colleagues and their families… Sergey’s view completely contradicts the company’s position. He is no longer a Wargaming employee“, the director had commented. Today it shows how much it had the firm intention to keep hands as clean as possible.