With its price of 1,800 euros you may not be the target of the Meta Quest Pro – News

As the brilliant Furolith points out, who has? already been able to test the device on Les NumériquesUntil now, this high-end headset often reverts to its codename, Project Cambria, therefore, its true meaning to the term “Pro” as referring to a niche and professional audience, unlike the PS4 Pro and other iPhone Pros.

What sets the Meta Quest Pro apart from regular helmets isn’t so much the LCD screens that offer a 75% contrast increase, the comfort of use, or the display definition that remains quite generic and comparable to that of the Quest 2 (1800×1920 per eye). It’s more on the cameras side, not just optimized for motion tracking inside out but also for the pass. What is new is that there is an internal camera that has the task of detecting the movements and expressions of the user’s face.

Before we think of any interesting uses on the gaming side, it’s clear that this feature is designed to bring to life the virtual avatars that populate the famous metaverse in Mark Zuckerberg’s fantasies. The Meta Quest Pro also doesn’t fail to integrate features already associated with the PlayStation VR2, such as the famous eye-tracking and foveal rendering (which makes it possible to optimize resources by improving image quality at the point where the user looks).

As for the processor, the Meta Quest Pro inaugurates the Snapdragon XR2+ SoC, the result of the collaboration between Meta and Qualcomm, which promises performance 40% higher than that of the Snapdragon XR2 that the Quest 2 in particular delivers. in the greenhouse -head on the back of the helmet and no longer on the front, it already looks particularly stressed: Furolith’s report only calls for one to two hours of use, depending on the greed of the applications.

The helmet also comes with a charging dock that can also be used for the new Touch Pro controllers. If the handling of these controllers is described as close to that of the Quest 2, the cameras they carry mean that the tracking ring is out of the equation. Also compatible with the Quest 2 and sold separately, the Touch Pro controllers also inherit the idea of ​​the haptic motor that Sony holds dear.

Another notable detail that contributes to making the Meta Quest Pro a helmet designed more for professional use than for immersion in the game, the helmet has been designed so as not to block the wearer’s peripheral vision. In addition, Furolith was not invited to test a blockbuster from the Quest range, but applications (3D creation, music mixing) were undoubtedly intended to arouse the curiosity of companies seduced by the prospects of work and encounters in mixed reality . They won’t have long to wait, with the Meta Quest Pro already available for pre-order for release on October 25, 2022.