Xbox launches new, smaller, cheaper Xbox Series X mini fridge | Xbox One

You read that right: Xbox has just released a new refrigerator. So the third, after the Xbox Series X refrigerator sponsored by rapper Snoop Dog and the Xbox Mini fridge on big scale. Here comes the all new Mini-Me Xbox Series X Mini Fridge!

Smaller and cheaper

At Xbox, it seems that the shortest jokes aren’t the best… After the launch from a miniaturized and cooled replica of the Xbox Series X until the end of 2021, a new model will appear. We owe this announcement to Aaron Greenberg, who speaks of an even smaller and more economical model.

The Mini-Me Xbox Series X Mini Fridge has been officially released into the wild. The team received many requests to make a smaller version of the same product at an even lower price. It contains 8 cans, is available now for $79 @Walmart. The launch will also take place worldwide.

The successful sale of the first miniature model had attracted the attention of scalpers ill-intentioned and it was not uncommon to find copies of several hundred dollars on online resale sites. With this more accessible version, Xbox is therefore launching the production of a derivative product that should once again be a great success. Aaron Greenberg also talks about improvements in design and noise reduction, which we finger points.

For comparison and to get an idea of ​​the size change made, the first model was about 45 cm high and about 23 cm wide and deep. The new model announces dimensions that have been reduced to about 36 cm in height and about 19 cm in width and depth. What fits more easily in a setup. However, Aaron Greenberg indicates that the first model will remain available for sale.

At the moment, only the American chain Walmart sells this new mini fridge costs $79, which is $20 less than the previous model. No news has yet been given about a release date for the rest of the world. In France, the Micromania brand had obtained: exclusivity distribution of the product. YouTuber Brad Sams already offers a comparison of the two models.