Top 11 Best Dumbbell Chest Exercises For Men And Women

  1. Pullover

How to perform: Assume a lying position along a horizontal bench. Take a dumbbell and place it at the base of your palms with the bottom of the upper disc. Fix your grip and lift the dumbbell above your head, with a slight bend in your elbow. As you exhale, smoothly lower the dumbbell behind your head, concentrating on stretching the pectoral muscles. Only the shoulders are involved in the process. Reach maximum tension in the lower amplitude, and return arms along the same trajectory.

Exercise characteristics: Presented exercise with dumbbells on the chest is an auxiliary exercise, so it makes more sense to use it in combination with basic and isolation exercises. It helps stretch the chest muscles and increase the volume of the chest. Make sure your head has support in the supine position. Otherwise, the risk of straining the neck muscles or pinching off a nerve becomes critical! Work smoothly with a dumbbell, avoiding sudden jerks and extreme weights.

chest exercises at home with dumbbells

You can use two dumbbells:

workouts to get rid of chest fat

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