21 Russian airlines banned in Europe, the 117 names and countries to avoid

The European Commission has just revised the list of operators that it believes do not meet international safety standards. 21 Russian companies, including Aeroflot, are now banned from flying.

The plane is the means of transport safest in the world† Provided you don’t board… According to the European Union, some companies do not meet the safety standards required to land on its bottom. It maintains a blacklist of which: the last version published on April 12, 2022 has 117 operators.

The list of airlines banned from flying in Europe has been drawn up since 2006. The list is updated approximately twice a year by the Commission, assisted by the European Union Aviation Safety Committee, with validation by the European Parliament. The goal: to encourage companies whose standards are deemed too low to review their requirements. Mission accomplished in Moldova, a country whose companies were blacklisted in 2021.

“We don’t mix security and politics”

Russian companies, no longer allowed to fly in the European Union since 27 February, entered the list in April 2022. Punishment for war in Ukraine? The Commission assures us not. “The Russian Federal Air Transport Agency has authorized Russian airlines to operate hundreds of aircraft from foreign companies without valid certificates of airworthiness. The Russian airlines involved have knowingly acted in violation of applicable international safety standards. This is not only a clear violation of the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Chicago Convention), but also an immediate threat to security. We live in the context of Russia’s unjustified and unprovoked military aggression against Ukraine. However, I want to make it very clear that this decision does not imply any additional sanction against Russia; this decision was made solely for technical and safety reasons. We don’t mix security and politics.” says Transport Commissioner Adina Vălean in a communicated

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However, the European Aviation Safety Agency has suspended certificates of several Russian aircraft, including the medium-haul Sukhoi SSJ100 Superjet as part of European sanctions following the invasion of Ukraine, the site notes. air journal† The airlines on the list do not have the right to land or fly over the territory of the 27, the aviation authorities of 16 states simply do not meet international safety standards. All companies in these countries are therefore blacklisted, so a total of 111 operators. This is the case in Afghanistan, Eritrea or Nepal.

Sometimes only certain airlines from one country are allowed to fly in the European Union. This is the case for six of them, including Iran Aseman Airlines and Air Zimbabwe. Last case, two companies that are not completely banned but are subject to restrictions. Some aircraft in their fleet are not allowed to land on the territory of the 27. These are the Iranian Iran Air and the North Korean Air Koryo.

The full list of companies banned in the EU

All companies in Afghanistan

Ariana Afghan Airlines

Kam Air

All companies in Angola (except TAAG Angola Airlines and Heli Malongo)




Bestflya Aircraft Management




All Companies in Armenia

Airline Armenia

Armenia Airways

Armenian helicopters



Shirak Avi


All companies in Congo

Canadian Airways Congo

Equaflight services


Trans Air Congo

New Air Congo Company

All companies in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Air Fast Congo

Air Katanga

Busy Bee Congo

African Airline (CAA)

Congo Airways

Kin Avi

Malu Aviation

Serve air freight

Swala Aviation

Mwant Jet

All companies in Djibouti

Daallo Airlines

All Equatorial Guinea Companies

Ceiba Intercontinental

Cronos Airlines

All Eritrea Companies

Eritrean Airlines

Nasair Eritrea

All Kyrgyzstan Companies


Airline Air kg

Air Manas

Avia Traffic Company

Flysky Airlines

Heli Sky Aircompany

Sky kg Airlines

Tez Jet

Val Air

All Liberia Companies

All Companies in Libya

Afriqiyah Airways

Air Libya

Al Maha Aviation

Berniq Airways

Buraq Air

Worldwide Air Transport

Hala Airlines

Libyan Airlines

Libyan Wings Airlines

Petro Air

All companies in Nepal

Air Dynasty Heli. s.

Altitude Air

Buddha Sky

Fishtail Air

Top Air

Heli Everest

Himalaya Airlines

Kailash Helicopter Services

Makalu Air

Manang Air Pvt

mountain helicopters

Prabhu Helicopters

Nepal Airlines Corporation

Saurya Airlines

Shree Airlines


Simrik Airlines

Sita Air

Tara Air

Yeti Airlines

The following Russian companies:

Aurora Airlines

Avicompany “Aviasiat TU” Co. LTD


Joint Stock Company “Air Company Yakutia”

Public company «Rusjet»

Public company “Uvt Aero”

Joint Stock Company “Siberia Airlines”

Joint Stock Company “Smartavia Airlines”

Joint Stock Company “Iraeo Airlines”

Joint Stock Company “Ural Airlines”

Limited liability company “Alrosa Air Company”

Joint Stock Company Nordstar Airlines

JS Aviation Company “Rusline”

Joint Stock Company “Yamal Airlines”

LLC “North Wind”

LLC «Airline Ikar»

Pobeda Airlines Limited Liability Company

Limited liability company “Aeroflot – Russian Airlines”

Rossiya Airlines Joint Stock Company

Skol Airlines LLC

Utair Aviation, Joint Stock Company

All companies in Sao Tome and Principe

The connection of Africa

Stp Airways

All companies in Sierra Leone

All Sudan Companies

Alfa Airlines SD

Badr Airlines

Blue Bird Aviation

Eldinder Aviation

Green Flag Aviation

Helejetic Air

Kata Air Transport

Kush Aviation Co.

Nova Airways

Sudan Airways Co.

sun sky

Tarco Air

Other blacklisted companies

Avior airlines (Venezuela)

Blue Wing Airlines (Suriname)

Iran Aseman Airlines (Iran)

Iraqi Airways (Iraq)

Med-View Airline (Nigeria)

Air Zimbabwe (pvt) (Zimbabwe)

Companies with restrictions

Iran Air (Iran)

Air Koryo (North Korea)

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