A family threatened with a gun in Boucan-Canot

Saint-Gilles. A family, with two children in the vehicle, was attacked in broad daylight on Saturday afternoon for unknown reasons by an armed person in Boucan-Canot. The parents have filed a police report.

It’s just after 7pm when this family from the West finally leaves the Roches Noires gendarmerie, after a day the members will remember for a long time. Lilia makes no secret of her emotion after the altercation she was the victim of earlier in the afternoon.

We went to pick up our daughter at Boucan who was at a birthday party. We took the Burger King exit to get to the main road. Arriving at the level of Cap Homard, sir said to me + look, there is a car arriving in tons, by zigzagging + I could see their faces, it was two. They drove dangerously on the bike path and waved their fingers as they passed us. I said + don’t mind they turn on the effect, we don’t worry + We drove on, but I noticed they were following us. We go out to go to the bus stops, not far from where there is a pizza truck, and we stop to pick up our daughter.” tells the mother of the family still in shock.

Threatened with a smile

“I open the door to let her in and my companion asks if there is a problem and if they know how to drive. They were silent and I added + it’s not okay, we have a baby with us +At that point, the passenger ducked down and pulled out a gun before pointing it at me. He was maybe 10 meters away, while the driver smiled. I immediately yelled + he has a weapon! † and we all got in the car quickly and they left just as quickly. A lady was standing at the bus stop and told us to leave when she saw them turn around. We set off at full speed. For us, the priority was to take care of our children. We were afraid it would go further. We got the gendarmerie to take the information and advise us to file a complaint. In shock we didn’t even have time to grab the board but I could tell they were the zoreil type. It must have been 15 minutes between the time they drove behind us and the time we saw the weapon.” continue Lilia

By early evening, relatives had come to support the couple in front of the gendarmerie, while other relatives were driving, hoping to cross the famous vehicle and give their description to the gendarmes.

Marked by this event, the family hopes they will be found soon. †I have no idea if it was a fake gun or not. But you don’t have to. They have a serious problem with behaving like this‘ said Lilia.


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