A German received 87 injections against Covid, here’s why – Ouest-France Evening Edition

This man had found the plan to make some money. A German in his sixties was regularly given Covid injections to resell vaccine cards. The fraudster was eventually caught by the patrol.

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German police in the Magdeburg region of easternGermany, has been researching a funny company for the past few weeks. It all started with a vaccination center COVID-19 of Saxons who gave the warning. A man in his sixties had been vaccinated several times. The story, which seems implausible, is nevertheless very real. This man went to different centers. At every appointment he gives “to forget” his health insurance card, and only completed the blank vaccination document.

Researchers have found that the 60-year-old would have received at least 87 injections over several months, reports the Associated Press (AP)† In fact, he was trading fake vaccine passes. He was arrested by the police when he had himself vaccinated for the second consecutive day in the same center.

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False pass but real profit

He then managed to get his name out of the file and sold his vaccine passes to “antivax”. A well-oiled mechanism, because he managed to get vaccinated up to three times a day. During his arrest, the police found several blank vaccination booklets on him. Thanks to these injections, the man got real batch numbers, which he wrote down in the notebooks. A case “very profitable” according to detectives.

But a nurse at a vaccination center eventually recognized him. The police then arrested the thief. He is being examined for “Issuing of vaccination pass without authorization and falsification of documents”, specify the Deutsche Press Agency (PATH).

However, the man was released and his health is being closely monitored. Indeed, the question arises what the consequences are for his health. The multiple doses injected into her came from… “of different brands” of vaccines. It will take several weeks to assess whether these repeated vaccinations have a harmful impact on his health condition.

Multiple Controls

Nevertheless, the German police have carried out numerous checks in vaccination centers in recent weeks. Indeed, many Germans have refused to be vaccinated despite 130,000 recorded deaths since the outbreak of the epidemic at the end of 2019. On the other hand, it was necessary to be able to justify a vaccination schedule to travel, to go to restaurants, to cinemas … From At that time, the vaccination pass was much coveted, while the infections had started to rise again in recent weeks.

Despite a tense situation across the Rhine, with more than 120,000 positive cases in recent days, Germany lifted all restrictions on Sunday, April 3, 2022. Two weeks into France, it is no longer mandatory to wear a mask or test negative in restaurants, and the vaccination pass is gone.

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