Another attack in Tel Aviv weakens the Israeli government

At the scene of the attack, Dizengoff Avenue, April 8, 2022.

A new attack, the fourth in two weeks, threatened to shake up a feverish Israeli government, which had been deprived of its majority in parliament the day before, on Thursday, April 7, and over which the opposition is accused of “weakness”† The attack mourned central Tel Aviv. At around 9 p.m., a Palestinian opened fire toward the terrace of the Ilka bar, using what appeared to be a pistol on amateur video. He killed two people and caused panic on Dizengoff Avenue, a very busy thoroughfare this past weekend before Passover.

Fifteen people were hospitalized and four were operated on overnight. A thousand police and army special forces placed a de facto curfew in the center of the metropolis for nine hours before killing the attacker around 6 a.m. Internal intelligence had located the 28-year-old terrorist near a mosque in the former Palestinian city of Jaffa, now a suburb of Tel Aviv. Since March 22, armed attacks in Israel have killed 13 civilians.

On Friday morning, residents of the Jenin refugee camp, in the West Bank, occupied since 1967, celebrated the “martyrdom” of the perpetrator of the Tel Aviv attack, a man named Raed Hazem, identified as the son of a local family. Between 1er The Israeli military killed 18 Palestinian civilians in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, on January 21 and March 21, according to the United Nations Office for Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). Three of them carried out isolated attacks on Israelis.

‘Natural response’ to Israel’s ‘crimes’

Last week, the military conducted a series of raids in the region from which the author of the previous attack came, which killed five people in the heart of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in Bnei Brak (center). In a rare show of force, the military had made some thirty arrests in broad daylight in the Jenin camp, which had been in a semi-rebellious state for a year. They targeted supporters of Islamic Jihad, a small armed sister organization of Hamas. Three of his fighters had been killed in these raids. Thursday night, the Jihad “greeted” the attack on Tel Aviv, which he regarded as a “natural reaction” to the “crimes” of Israel, including the Jenin attack.

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This attack is taking place as the Israeli government, in power since June 2021, is being weakened by the defection of a religious far-right MP, member of the Prime Minister’s party, Naftali Bennett (5 seats), giving her its slim majority. the Knesset (60 out of 120). His education struggles to cope with his split from his former political “family” led by former Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu. This presents the government with a dilemma.

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