Belarus. To fight inflation, President Lukashenko has simply banned it

“From the 6 [octobre], it is forbidden to raise the prices of anything. Forbidden ! », Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said during a government meeting on Thursday, October 6, 2022, quoted by the presidency’s press service. “Not of tomorrow, but of today”, he stood on it. According to him, this immediate decision should make it possible to avoid an emergency increase in prices by companies, while inflation hits the allied country of Moscow with full force.

“Today’s prices are exorbitant, they are bursting through the ceiling. They should not increase further anywhere.” added the president, who has ruled Belarus since 1994 and shamelessly suppresses a protest movement in 2020.

Inflation reached almost 18% yoy in August

Alexander Lukashenko, familiar with scandalous statements, did not explain how this ban would be implemented, he only stated that: “ministers and governors” can authorize “exceptions”. Inflation in Belarus, a country where whole parts of the economy have remained under state control since the fall of the USSR, reached 17.9% year-on-year in August, according to official statistics.

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“The prices of meat, dairy products, poultry […] increase. In recent days, a shortage of eggs has been detected in Minsk.” the capital, continued the Belarusian president, who ran a collective farm during the Soviet era and who likes to set up during the harvests in his country.

“Whose responsibility is it besides me? »

The president violently attacked his government, explaining that he was obliged to get involved in this case because “the government, the trade unions, […] the deputies, the public control service cannot contain the constantly rising prices”, show a video of Figaro. A grotesque scene ensues where, at the request of the president: “Whose responsibility is it apart [moi] ? », the president turns his head to Natalya Kochanova, President of the Council of the Republic, who stands up to assume her responsibility. “Okay, to you, Natalya”, rejoices Alexander Lukashenko and announces that “we will review your work later”.

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“Lord, don’t close a shop”

He also threatened Belarusian entrepreneurs on Thursday: “Lord, may not close any shop, no club, no restaurant. not true? not leave the market. Otherwise you have to answer for it! »

Finally, he underlined that the record inflation currently affecting many countries is mainly related to: “against the reckless western sanctions” taken against Minsk and Moscow since the attack on the Kremlin in Ukraine.

Belarus is allied with Moscow and borders Ukraine and does not participate directly in the Russian offensive, but has placed its territory at the disposal of Russian troops, who use it as a rear base.