Boris Johnson fined for partying in Downing Street

INTERNATIONAL – Boris Johnson overtaken by Partygate. British Prime Minister fined as part of investigation into… clandestine parties organized in Downing Street during the detentions, a spokesman for the official residence of the head of the British government announced on Tuesday, April 12.

His finance minister Rishi Sunakwho has been in turmoil with his wife since early April over his favorable tax arrangements will also be fined, Downing Street said.

Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak has repeatedly broken the law and lied to the British people, accused Labor opposition leader Keir Starmer on Twitter after the sanctions were announced. They should both resign.” He also ruled that “the conservatives are incapable of governing” and that “the Britain deserves better”.

Police, for their part, had not specified who the targets were or what events were involved, while the revelations in recent months have been linked to the farewell drinks, birthday parties or other evenings during successive detentions imposed for two years.

50 fines handed out by the police

“We are doing everything we can to move this investigation forward quickly, which means continuing to review significant amounts of material,” added London’s Metropolitan Police, indicating further sanctions may be issued.

British police have announced they have handed out more than 50 fines for violating anti-drug rules.covid at parties organized in circles of power. Scotland Yard had already inflicted at the end of March first 20 fines

This clandestine party scandal had plunged Boris Johnson into an unprecedented crisis, who had triumphed in power in July 2019 and enjoyed long-lasting popularity.

considered for a while on an ejection seat in January, faced with the defection of his majority, the conservative leader seems to have overcome the crisis, notably praising his leadership role in the sanctions imposed on Russia after the invasion of Ukraine

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