called up on the Russian railway after a sabotage that paralyzed train traffic in the north

The cutting of strategic communication cables for trains paralyzed traffic in the North for three hours on Saturday.

Several German officials called on Sunday to bolster national infrastructure security in the aftermath of a large-scale railway sabotage, for which some refer to the Russian track in the context of the war in Ukraine. According to the daily picturewho claims to have received a first analysis document from the national judicial police, believes this “that sabotage of state origin might at least be conceivable“.

This hypothesis is supported by the fact that the sabotage – a cutting of strategic communication cables for trains that paralyzed traffic in the north for three hours – occurred simultaneously at two different points on the network, 540 kilometers apart, in the west and east of the country. the country, according to the police document cited by Bild. She is also, according to the newspaper, by “close proximity” of the recent leaks from the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines observed in the Baltic Sea, which the Swedish authorities also refer to as sabotage.

Professionals who had prior knowledge

According to other German media, the investigators are convinced that Saturday’s railway sabotage was the work of professionals who had information within the national railway company. At the same time, an act by a violent far-left group cannot be ruled out. Some have attacked the rail network in the past. According to the same sources, the Berlin Police Department responsible for investigating acts that threaten the state, such as attacks or espionage cases, has taken over the investigation.

An official from the German environmental party, a member of Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s governing coalition, Anton Hofreiter, also mentioned the hypothesis of Russian responsibility. “We cannot rule out that Russia is also behind the attack on the railway company“he told the Funke press group, as the recent leaks of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea were already transporting”the trail of the Kremlin“.

Maybe both were warnings because we support Ukraineadded the chairman of the committee of the Chamber of Deputies for European Affairs. Both Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 connect Russian gas fields to Germany via the Baltic Sea. Gazprom recently stopped deliveries due to technical problems. For Berlin, this is a means of putting pressure on Germany in the context of a “warenergy unleashed by Moscow against Europeans who support Ukraine.

After the attack on the railway company on Saturday, the environmental official called for the release of 20 billion euros to better protect critical infrastructure, strengthen the police and computer security. The German police have so far not mentioned any specific clues after the incidents and massive delays on Saturday. But the government soon denounced sabotage. “It is clear that this is a targeted and deliberate actionsaid Minister of Transport Volker Wissing.

hybrid warfare

A senior German military official also issued a warning on Sunday. “Every electrical transformer, every power plant, every power transmission line is a potential target“Warned General Carsten Breuer in the daily newspaper Bild, speaking about”hybrid threats” to grow.

For its part, the conservative opposition ruled that “regardless of this case, we need to rethink the security architecture of Germany and the European Union. “The modern era characterized by waging hybrid wars requires us to adapt our concepts,” a party official of former Chancellor Angela Merkel, Thorsten Frei, told the RND press group.

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