Christmas Bonus: Here’s the date from which the long-awaited support will be paid out!

Every year, the CAF recipients and the beneficiaries of the minimum social registered with Pôle emploi receive the Christmas bonus. the payment is done automatically. When will this payment take place this year?

The Christmas bonus has been around since 1998

The traditional Christmas bonus, in addition to the allowances of many households in low incomeexists since 1998. It helps a lot of French people during the year-end period since its inception.

Something again this year 2.3 million beneficiaries will receive it. Payment will be made automatically to the data subjects from December 15, 2022. This is stated by CAF on its official website.

That said, as every year, the list of eligible households will be limited. After all, the Christmas bonus only benefits the beneficiaries of the Active Solidarity Income.

However, their data must received in December. The beneficiaries the specific solidarity allowance and the old age allowance is also eligible for this.

The amount of the Christmas bonus

The amount of the Christmas bonus varies according to the family composition of the recipients CAF (excluding Mayotte). That said, for a single person there are 152.45 euros. It is a fixed amount if the beneficiary also benefits from theASS and EAR.

A childless couple gets 228.57 euros. So is a single parent with a dependent child gets the same amount. As a couple with four children can receive up to 442.10 eurosa couple with seven children receives up to 503.09 euros.

However, this amount can go up to 518.33 euros for a single parent with six children. This equates to a total of 60.98 euros per additional person. You can now consult the payment conditions of the premium.

All you need to do is go to the Child Benefit Fund website. Pôle emploi was also founded a fitness test for all recipients of social minimums.

A special feature for new recipients of social minimums

The Christmas bonus is financial assistance also known as “exceptional end-of-year bonus”. Traditionally, CAF or other organizations actually pay it before the end of the year. In other words, in December.

Yet there is a quirk. Indeed, there are households that will receive social minimums for the first time in 2022. According to Pôle emploi, these households are will have to wait until January 2023 to collect their Christmas bonus.

For other beneficiaries, they will receive it on the date announced above. They see the payment appear in their bank account between 3 and 5 working days later. If you want to know the amount of your Christmas bonus, go to the government website Mes-aides.

Thereby, you can do a simulation and know how much you will get. Another timely boost from the state. Inflation has indeed affected French budgets. This will complicate the end-of-year celebrations.

About the payment date:

Know that before employees who work in a companythere is the so-called company bonus.

Check your CAF account

you receive the Christmas bonus to your bank account according to your bank’s processing times. But also according to the CAF or the Pôle Emploi on which you depend.

As mentioned above, beneficiaries of the RSA for the first time in December 2022 will receive it in January 2023. This is because processing times for their file.

If you want to know more about premium payment date, consult your CAF account. You can also count on who will take care of all the procedures for you.

While you may be eligible for the Christmas bonus, you may not find no transfer to your account. In that case, do not hesitate to contact your CAF or your Pôle emploi.

company bonus

There are certain companies that in December give a bonus to their employees. They can pay this support in the form of an end-of-year bonus, but also various gifts or vouchers.

Namely that employees with the SMIC cannot claim the CAF Christmas bonus. However, some companies can pay them such a bonus.

Attention ! When the premium payment date approaches, fraudulent emails can reach you. These are phishing attempts where the publisher usurps the identity of CAF, Pôle Emploi or MSA.

This process aims to: collect some of your confidential data. Indeed, there are malicious parties trying to get hold of the beneficiaries’ bank details.

All conditions for receiving the Christmas bonus

Here are all the conditions that: can you get the christmas bonus in 2022. You must therefore:

  • Take advantage of the active solidarity income;
  • Take advantage of the basic RSA and the activity bonus. Depending on the composition of your household, your resources may not exceed the amount of the basic RSA;
  • Whether or not to receive the Specific Solidarity Allowance;
  • Receive the ACCRE (company creation aid). Only you need to pick up the SSA;
  • Take advantage of the Transitional Solidarity Bonus (PTS). This premium replaces the transition payment since 2015;
  • Benefit from a training allowance paid by Pôle emploi if it follows a payment from ASS;
  • Receiving the Pension Equivalent Allowance (AER);
  • Take advantage of the lump-sum resumption bonus.

Remember that:

  • The ASD is a benefit unemployment in front of the unemployed at the end of their rights. However, they must be subject to the terms of previous activities and resources.
  • The AER is an unemployment benefit for jobseekers who have not yet reached the statutory retirement age. She can justify required quarters have a full pension.

Note that people who use theallocation Unfortunately, back to work (AER) cannot claim the Christmas bonus. It’s the same for those who benefit from the minimum age and the Adult Disability Benefit (AAH).