Covid-19: 162,000 new measurements in 24 hours

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  • A peak in France seems to have crossed with 203,021 positive cases registered in 24 hours by Public Health France, the average for the past seven days is 136,000, after narrowly crossing the 140,000 threshold on Friday.
  • However, the trend continues to increase in the hospital where there are 23,010 infected patients (ie 175 more than the day before), including 1,552 in the intensive care units (+29).
  • China has announced a record 20,000 Covid-19 infections in the past 24 hours, most of them in Shanghai, which is preparing to open a massive 40,000-seat field hospital.


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161,950 new cases

In the past 24 hours, 161,950 new infections have been registered, compared to 169,024 last Wednesday. On average, 134,991 positive cases are registered daily.


Stable figures in the hospital

In France, 23,014 patients with Covid-19 are currently in hospital, reports Public Health France. Yesterday there were 23,010. There are 1,561 intensive care patients with Covid-19, up from 1,552 yesterday.


European regulator approves second booster dose for people aged 80 and older

The European Medicines Agency will approve a second booster dose this Wednesday for people aged 80 and older. France had not waited for this authorization to open vaccination to this age group: the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, had announced this in mid-March in an interview with Parisian


Record number of hospital admissions in Scotland

Nearly 2,400 patients diagnosed with Covid are being cared for in hospital in Scotland, compared to 2,000 at the previous peak, at the end of January 2021. However, the country has a very good level of vaccination. How to explain it? The answer here.


Doses of Franco-Austrian Valneva Vaccine Shipped to Bahrain

About 200,000 doses of the Franco-Austrian Valneva vaccine were reportedly sent to Bahrain, a country where the serum has already been approved, last week, said Franck Grimaud, the laboratory’s director. at


Vaccination of pregnant women is advancing

The percentage of pregnant women who had not received a vaccine against Covid-19 was 25.4% at the beginning of March 2022, compared to 31.6% at the beginning of January 2022, an improvement of +6.2 points, the Epi researchers note.


Greece introduces 4th dose for over-60s

Greek health authorities have announced a fourth dose of the vaccine for “people over 60, especially in the presence of an underlying disease”, given Covid’s “epidemiological data” in the country.


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