Covid-19 in China: the distress of Shanghai residents, locked up (and starving) for 12 days

Nearly 25 million inhabitants locked up

The move has led to logistical problems, with some Shanghainese struggling to get food supplies.

Another controversial measure: People who test positive for the coronavirus, even asymptomatic, are placed in solitary confinement in makeshift quarantine centers — with sometimes rudimentary comfort and hygiene.

Lack of food and rebellion

Several residents did not hesitate to revolt and demanded supplies. Scenes of looting were filmed in part of the city (see tweet below).

Demonstrations have been reported in some neighborhoods and residents have been annoyed. † I don’t care even if the Communist Party arrests me. Besides, where is communism? I no longer have the means to live. My shop is closed “says a man quoted at the end by” France Info

Relief announced in the face of the pendulum

Faced with growing public discontent, authorities in China’s largest city have announced that they will gradually allow residents of areas with the least contamination to move outside their neighborhoods. On this date, it seems impossible to know how many people will be able to leave their homes and when.

The United States is forcing its staff to leave

Concerned about the welfare of American citizens, the United States announced on Tuesday that it had ordered non-essential staff from its consulate to leave Shanghai amid an epidemic outbreak and strict confinement in the metropolis. US embassy says US diplomats have informed Chinese authorities their concerns about the safety and well-being of American citizens

France advises against traveling to Shanghai

The Quai d’Orsay has advised against traveling to the Chinese metropolis. † All plans to travel to Shanghai should be postponed explains the diplomacy quoted by the echoes† † This (containment) measure is accompanied by a screening campaign for the entire population. A positive result leads to isolation in a hospital or equipped center of the positive person and the contact cases. ‘ he specifies.

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