death of a second Shia cleric, stabbed on Tuesday by a jihadist

A second Shia cleric, stabbed Tuesday by a Sunni extremist in Iran’s most revered shrine, died of his injuries Thursday (April 7), state television reported.

This death occurred when Iran buried another cleric, the hojatoleslam (middle rank in the Shia clergy, Ed) Mohammad Aslani, also stabbed by the same Sunni extremist in front of many pilgrims at Imam Reza’s shrine in Mashhad (northeast) . †Hojatoleslam Sadegh Darai, one of the clerics seriously injured in the terror attack on Imam Reza’s shrine, has been martyred in hospital.This is reported by Iranian television.

An attacker of “Uzbek” descent

Despite the best efforts of the medical staff and after two operations, Daraï died from the severity of his injuries.”, the director of the hospital indicated, quoted by the official agency Irna. The third injured in this attack, the religious Mohsen Pakdaman, remains in hospital, according to Irna. †Tonight, after breaking the fast (of Ramadan, editor’s note), we will meet the family of Sadegh Daraï to organize the “farewell ceremony of the martyr” and the funeralAFP said a shrine official.

Television images showed thousands of people and local officials attending Mohammad Aslani’s funeral in Shohada Square, nearly a kilometer from the mausoleum. The remains were buried in the square reserved for martyrs in the courtyard of the sanctuary. According to local media, the attacker was Abdolatif Moradi, a 21-year-old Sunni radical fromUzbekwho entered the country illegally over the Pakistani border a year ago and settled in Mashhad.

Six people accused of complicity with the attacker, including his two brothers, have been arrested by security forces, according to local media, and are under investigation. Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi on Wednesday denounced a “painful incident“committed by”one of the deviant and influenced elements of American takfiri groupsand asked the security services to open an investigation. The term takfiri, which literally means “those who cast curses against people who do not share their ideologyIn Iran and in several countries, points out the jihadist groups or Sunni radical Islamists.

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