End of the health emergency from Thursday midnight

The end of the state of emergency leads to the withdrawal of certain measures from April 1 for the first and April 4 for another. However, like the metropolitan areas, certain administrative measures remain in place to continue fighting against a resumption of the spread.

Evolution of the following measures, as of Friday 1 April:

– end of curfew measures and meters in establishments open to the public;

– end of wearing a mandatory mask in public areas and places

Evolution of the following measures from Monday 4 April:

– presentation of the health pass is no longer required in institutions open to the public, except in health and medico-social institutions

The following measures will remain in effect after April 1:

– the vaccination obligation, which is not linked to the health emergency, is still in force for the nursing staff.

– wearing a face mask remains mandatory in public transport (planes, buses and sea shuttles);

– with regard to flights France/Guadeloupe, compelling reasons remain mandatory for those who have not been vaccinated. For flights from France, the presentation of a test remains mandatory, but the validity period changes: the test must be less than 72 hours in the case of a PCR test and less than 48 hours for an antigen test. The 7-day self-isolation period on arrival for an unvaccinated passenger is no longer required (air travel measures).

– The health pass remains mandatory for access to health and medico-social institutions.

Recommendations due to the still very active viral circulation:

– it is strongly recommended to maintain barrier gestures and wear a mask, especially for vulnerable and vulnerable people. This advice also applies to anyone in confined spaces with a high concentration of people and during large gatherings, including outdoors;

– if you suspect or have symptoms, you are asked to perform a screening test and to isolate yourself. PCR and antigen testing will remain free in Guadeloupe for this purpose after March 31;

– finally, vaccination allows you to protect yourself and others. In combination with barrier measures, the vaccine is the only solution to manage the long-term impact of the Covid-19 epidemic. The vaccination centers and the vaccination offer in the city remain accessible to everyone.