for new negotiations, Voldymyr Zelensky says he is “studying” Russia’s request for the “neutrality” of the country

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10:09 : In Mykolaiv, a very Russian-speaking city in Ukraine where the bombings continue, residents often feel that they are being affected by their “brothers”. ‘My grandfather came to live here from Russia. My last name is Russian. I am Russian. We are all Russians and we were slaughtered by the Russians. Why?’complains one resident. Report on site

Valentina, 75, poses under her balcony destroyed by a Russian bombing, in Mykolaiv, March 27, 2022. (ERIC AUDRA / FRANCEINFO)


09:53 : Dutch brewer Heineken has announced it will leave Russia, where it has 1,800 employees, because of the war in Ukraine “expand and intensify”“Heineken’s ownership of the company in Russia is no longer sustainable or viable in the current environment. As a result, we have decided to leave Russia”said the world’s second-largest brewer in a statement.

09:13 : The chairman of the Energy Regulation Commission (CRE), Jean-François Carenco, calls on all French people to save energy now. In a daily interview the echoeshe believes that the gas supply problems caused by the war in Ukraine and the unprecedented decline in EDF’s nuclear power production in the winter of 2022 will necessarily lead to difficulties if nothing is done.

10:41 am : It’s 9 o’clock, here’s a new point on the news:

“Abstinence is perfectly legitimate”, says Philippe Poutou. The NPA candidate was a guest on “Presidential Mornings” on franceinfo.

• An incredible night at the Oscars. codea low-budget remake of The Ram . familyreceived Hollywood’s highest accolade when Will Smith, award winner for his role in The Williams Method, caused a stir on stage punch comedian Chris RockMore details about the awards

• Negotiations between Kiev and Moscow opened this morning in Turkey, in Istanbul† Ukraine said it was ready to discuss “deep” of its neutrality, at a time when the humanitarian situation in Mariupol is described as: “catastrophic”. “People fight to survive”said the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.

09:14 : While the French supermarkets Auchan have chosen to remain in Russia despite the war in Ukraine, Philippe Poutou spoke on the subject: “The government has been wrong from the start in giving the bosses the freedom to make money off the backs of others. This applies to Russian workers, as everywhere. The boycott is a useful weapon.”

10:19 : 19:07, last night. The Allegro train entered the station of the Finnish capital Helsinki, ending the last active railway line between Russia and the European Union. Twelve years after the maiden journey of this modern train (with Vladimir Putin on board), symbol of the renewal in relations between Europe and Russia, traffic between St Petersburg and Helsinki has come to a standstill from this Monday.

(Roni Rekomaa / LEHTIKUVA / AFP)

10:04 amThe company daily the echoes title about the war in Ukraine and the “re-armament challenge” that arise in Europe. “The war in Ukraine forces Europeans to build a real Europe of defense”can we read.

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