How Emmanuel Macron’s star is fading in Ukraine

WAR IN UKRANE – Between the international context and a second term, Emmanuel Macron had to make priority choices in recent days. While he said he wasn’t sure the escalation of words would serve the cause after Joe Biden accused the Kremlin head of a “dictator” who led a “genocide”, Emmanuel Macron has been criticized by his Ukrainian counterpart.

Volodymyr Zelensky described as “extremely hurtful” Emmanuel Macron’s refusal to discuss and denounce a “genocide” in Ukraine on France 2 on Wednesday, April 13. The spokesman for Ukrainian diplomacy reacted quickly, saying it was “disappointing” with the French position. “If they are true, such comments are very hurtful to us,” added the president of the United NationsUkraine

Zelensky stabs Macron

The latter has not failed the presidential candidate. Volodymyr Zelensky, who knew the upcoming election deadline in France, sent a kick to the head of state, who was busier with his campaign for the second round then through the war in Ukraine, to his liking: “I will do my best to discuss this matter with Mr Macron today. If not, tomorrow, when he finds the time.”

The beginning of a diplomatic imbroglio between France and Ukraine that arose afterwards Joe Biden’s firm stance on the crimes committed on Ukrainian soil† On Tuesday, April 12, the President of the United States had frontally accused Vladimir Putin of causing a “genocide”. A term that until then had only been used by Volodymyr Zelensky.

It must be said that since his participation in the campaign for thepresidential electionsEmmanuel Macron has been the target of criticism from Ukraine and its people. Emmanuel Macron, who has been at the forefront since February 24, has never been to Ukraine since the start of the war, while his British and American colleagues are already on the scene (straight to Kiev for Boris Johnson and in Poland for Joe Biden† Asked several times, the head of state said he is considering a trip to Kiev “only if it can be useful”.

The verb “macroner” comes from Ukraine

The role of Emmanuel Macron in the war in Ukraine has also led to the creation of a new word. Indeed, the expression “macronete” (translated to “macroner” in French) is finding its place in the everyday Ukrainian language.

The Ukrainians coined this term “macroner” by giving Emmanuel Macron an unflattering definition: “to be very concerned about a situation, but in fact do nothing”, we can read in a lexicon of words in the context of the war in Ukraine on Telegram, as reported the Parisian

The lexicon in question even specifies that this term owes its origin to the French president “who is remembered not for real help, but for his seized photographs of the Élysée”. A direct reference to the photos published by Soazig de la Moissonnière, official photographer of the Élysée, in which the French head of state is worried, unshaven and tired, but fully engaged in the war in Ukraine from his office.

Apart from this expression, some Ukrainians, quoted by Le Parisien, even qualify Emmanuel Macron as a pawn “in the employ of Vladimir Putin”. Dmitry Peskovy, spokesman for Vladimir Putin, had Emmanuel Macron congratulated on French television on the role of France: “President Macron’s efforts are much appreciated. We appreciate the ongoing dialogue that is taking place with President Vladimir Putin,” he said on LCI on April 6.

On the same day, Emmanuel Macron was already the subject of strong criticism for his role towards Moscow from Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki over his telephone conversations with the Kremlin head. “Mr. President Macron, how many times have you negotiated with Mr Putin? What did you get? Have you stopped any of these actions? Do not negotiate or discuss with criminals.” Words that actually had provoked an immediate and firm response from the tenant of the Élysée

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