Hungary sues Ukrainian ambassador over ‘insults’

The Hungarian government summoned the Ukrainian ambassador to protest against “insultsof Kiev on the position of Budapest in relation to of the Russian invasion

It is time for Ukrainian leaders to stop insulting Hungary and recognize the choice of the Hungarian peoplesaid Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto. Nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban, widely re-elected for a fourth term in a row on Sunday evening, had already attacked the Ukrainian president, whom he had identified among his opponents. †even hecould not prevent his victory, he boasted in his speech the same night, when Hungary is now regarded by the influential American NGO Freedom House as a “hybrid dietand no longer as a democracy.

Stay away from conflict

During the election campaign in Hungary, Volodymyr Zelensky repeatedly called on Viktor Orban, who is seen as Moscow’s closest ally within the European Union (EU), to take sides. He accused him oflost his honorbecause of his ties to Vladimir Putin. Although Hungary is a member of both NATO and the EU, Budapest has refused to send weapons to neighboring Ukraine, emphasizing its desire to stay out of the conflict “to protect» the Hungarians.

The country is also against sanctions against Russian oil and gas, such as Germany and Austria. †We have spoken clearly: we condemn military aggression, we defend Ukraine’s sovereignty, we allow hundreds of thousands of refugees to flee for their livesto the EU, writes Peter Szijjarto in a message on Facebook. There are very few Ukrainians left. corn “the government refuses to endanger the peace and security of the Hungarian people‘ adds the minister.

Poland and other central European countries, traditionally close to Budapest, have also criticized Hungary’s position. The Ukrainian ambassador’s subpoena comes as nearly 200 Russian diplomats were expelled from Europe in 48 hours after the discovery of massacres blamed on Russian troops near Kiev.

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