In the wake of sabotage of Germany’s rail network, investigation progresses and some eyes are on Russia

Passengers wait for a train on a platform at Berlin Central Station on October 8, 2022.

The day afteran incident that halted train traffic in northern Germany for three hoursqualified as sabotage “targeted and well-considered” by the government, several political and military leaders have questioned the possible culprits, some even citing Russia, and the measures to be taken to protect key infrastructure in the context of the war in Ukraine.

If the police have so far not given any clues, the government clearly considers cutting strategic communication cables as sabotage. An analysis document from the judicial police, published by the daily newspaper Imagereports that two cables were cut at the same time, 540 kilometers apart, and that“State-induced sabotage could at least be conceivable”.

“Hybrid Threats”

Anton Hofreiter, leader of the German Green Party, member of the governing coalition, said: “We cannot rule out that Russia is also behind the attack on the railway company. » He believes that the leaks from the gas pipelines Nord Stream 1 and 2 in the Baltic Sea, after explosions, are already “the trail of the Kremlin”. “Maybe they were both warnings because of our support for Ukraine”he added, while the first inspections carried out by Sweden in the Baltic Sea last week “strengthening suspicions of sabotage”.

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According to Imageciting sources close to Deutsche Bahn, an action targeting this type of cable would not come within the reach of the former and would “some knowledge” internal parts of the rail system. General Carsten Breuer, senior officer of the German army quoted in Imagedid not name officials, but warned against “hybrid threats” :

“Every electrical transformer, every power plant, every power line is a potential target. »

A violent far-left small group cannot be ruled out either. Some have attacked the rail network in the past.

According to of the mirrorit is the branch of the Berlin police that is responsible for investigating acts that threaten the state, such as attacks or espionage, that has taken over the investigation.

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