injured after an attack on the subway, is it an attack?

New York shooting: injured after subway attack, is it an attack?

NEW YORK SCOTLANDS. The New York Police Department has provided the final elements after the shooting in which several people were injured on the subway, Tuesday, April 12, 2022. The results and the final elements.

[Mise à jour le 12 avril 2022 à 23h32] The shooting that took place on Tuesday, April 12 in the New York subway could have caused many more victims. While the New York Post reports 29 wounded, including 10 from bullets, the paper says police sources say the attacker’s weapon was jammed during the shooting, likely preventing him from committing an actual massacre. “It’s lucky she got stuck because otherwise we could have been talking about a lot more people in hospitals or worse,” said a law enforcement source.

Note that contrary to the information initially published by various local media (NB NewsNew York After and New York Time), there are currently no fatalities. If the health status of five people is of particular concern, their vital prognosis is not favorable. The alleged perpetrator of the crimes, which took place south of the largest city in the United States, in the borough of Brooklyn, has still not been arrested by police.

A shooting in New York

The contours of the shooting are beginning to take shape. It was 8:27 am in New York (2:27 am in France) when police were called after a person was shot on the subway in the Brooklyn borough. According to a police source reported by the New York Times, the alleged gunman allegedly set off a smoke bomb on a subway train before opening fire on the train. It was then at “36th Street” station that the passengers got off the train in panic. The station “36th street” is a station in the south of the city that is particularly busy because of the five subway lines that stop there, in the Sunset Park neighborhood. It is located at the intersection of 4th Avenue and 36th Street.

Is this an attack?

For now, authorities are only talking about a shooting and rejecting the terrorist track, New York Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell reported. She also added that no explosive device was found on board the car in which the shooting broke out. In New York, shootings regularly take place in the city. the New York Time recalls that last week three teenagers were killed in front of a high school or that in 2021 four people were killed and three others were injured by gunfire in front of a social club. In total, the New York Police Department recorded 296 shootings in the first quarter of 2022, an increase from the same period in 201 (260).

Who is the alleged perpetrator?

The New York Police Department has launched a hunt for the man who has not yet been arrested by authorities. Police said the person was wearing a gas mask and an orange construction vest over a blue outfit, suggesting he was an employee of the New York City Transit Company. He would measure about 1.65 m for a body equivalent to a weight of about 80 kg.

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