“Le Monde” dedicated a special day to your vision of the European Union
European Union, Eurozone, Schengen Area: three areas that differ

The program

Hosted live by Marie Slavicek and Simon Auffret

“Fragments of the Countryside”. September 2021, The world was throwing “Fragments of France”, an unpublished portrait of the country through more than a hundred reports. A month before the presidential election, the editorial team mobilizes again with “Fragments of the Countryside”† By means of a weekly live, reports and chats, we discuss these topics that seem essential to us, but are also ignored in political debates. Public services, environment, youth… Every week and until the first round, scheduled on April 10, will have a special day. On the menu today: your vision of the European Union.

In the program

Wednesday morning, Julian Navarro, political science researcher at the Catholic University of Lille and professor at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, where he heads the Francophone Chair of Political Science in European and International Studies, answered your questions about the upheaval that the war in Ukraine brought about for the European project. Does this conflict ” wake up “ Europe? Has he upgraded the European project? Is the European Union really the political dwarf that has been constantly mocked since its creation?

In the afternoon, Yves Bertoncinicpresident of the association European Movement-Franceco-author of the book European policy. States, competences and citizens of the European Union and former director of the Jacques Delors Institute (2011-2017), helped you address the issue of civic engagement with the European Union. How do you become an active European citizen? What can we individually do to participate in the construction of the European Union?

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