LIVE – War in Ukraine: Biden accuses Putin of ‘genocide’, at least 20,000 dead in Mariupol

Zelensky calls on the United States to provide him with “more heavy weapons”

We are grateful for the American aid that has been provided so far,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky wrote on Twitter on Tuesday. But “we urgently need more heavy weapons to prevent new Russian atrocities”.

Lithuanian president on his way to Kiev

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda is on his way to Kiev with a “strong message of political support and military aid,” according to one of his statements on Twitter. “Lithuania will continue to support Ukraine’s struggle for its sovereignty and freedom,” he wrote.

Alert for thousands of children in Ukrainian orphanages

Stranded or displaced by the bombs, moved to countries through sometimes poorly controlled initiatives and through border areas where people smugglers are pursued, the tens of thousands of children placed in institutions in Ukraine, whose lives were precarious before the war, find themselves in a “chaotic” situation , warn NGOs and experts.

Ukraine is an extraordinary case, with the largest number of children placed in Europe (estimated at least 100,000 by the UNHCR) in a vastly closed and often dysfunctional network of orphanages, boarding schools or institutions for the disabled. So “tens of thousands of children lived in these institutions before the war, it’s huge…”, notes Geneviève Colas, coordinator of the collective “Together against human trafficking” for Secours Catholique Caritas France.

Zelensky offers to “swap” arrested Putin relative for Ukrainians in captivity

In a speech broadcast on social networks this Tuesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky offers to “exchange” Putin’s family member arrested against Ukrainians in captivity

“I propose to the Russian Federation to exchange this man for our boys and girls currently imprisoned in Russia”

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At least 20,000 dead in Mariupol

“21,000 people were killed in Mariupol,” estimates the mayor of the Ukrainian city, invited this Tuesday to

“We can say that between 20 and 22,000 people have died” in this city, Pavlo Kirilenko, the Ukrainian governor of the Donetsk region, said during an interview with the American television channel CNN.

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Biden accuses Putin of ‘genocide’

US President Joe Biden accused his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin of committing “genocide” in Ukraine for the first time on Tuesday.

The word was previously used by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, but never by the US government: “Yeah, I called it genocide,” Joe Biden told reporters on a trip to Iowa a few hours after he recalled the term during a speech devoted to the fight against inflation.

“It’s becoming increasingly clear that Putin is just trying to erase the idea of ​​being a Ukrainian,” the US president developed. If “the lawyers, at the international level”, will decide on the classification of genocide, “to me it seems so,” he assured.

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