military investigation in Moura, the Minusma still not authorized to go there

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According to military justice, an investigation into allegations of abuse by the Malian army in Moura is ongoing. This is to shed light on the counter-terrorist operation that was carried out between 23 and 31 March in this village near Djenné, in the center of the country. The military claims to have killed more than 200 jihadists there, many human rights groups are charging a much higher toll and the massacre on behalf of civilians by the Fama and their Russian auxiliaries. But the opening of this investigation by the Malian military justice does not really meet their demands.

to investigate have already been opened by the National Gendarmerie, and a judicial transport will be carried out very soon to Moura. The prosecutor of the military court of the Mopti region says that he will go to the village with a forensic doctor, a team of forensic scientists and researchers and that their conclusions will be made public. An approach that is exceptional enough to notice.

The last days, many human rights organizations but the European Union, the United States and the United Nations have also called for an investigation into the numerous testimonies of the massacre of hundreds of civilians and disarmed jihadists by Malian soldiers and their Russian auxiliaries. Many survivors testified before community or humanitarian organizations, Malian and international, as well as in the international press, of summary executions in large numbers, looting and rape.

But this is an independent investigation, led by or integrated with the United Nations mission in the country, which was requested. Earlier this week, a research team from Minusma was also supposed to go to Moura. The Malian authorities have never given the green light. A new request has been made. Many UN, humanitarian or Malian community sources express pessimism and recall that UN teams have been denied access to certain areas in recent weeks where other allegations of abuse had been reported.

On Tuesday, before announcing the opening of an investigation by the Mopti Military Court, the staff of Mali’s armies already ruled ” unfounded the allegations against Moura, again believing they were only aimed at ” tarnish the image of the Fama “, whose staff like” increase professionalism

In a press release, the United Nations’ independent expert on human rights in Mali, Senegalese Alioune Tine, again asked the Malian authorities on Wednesday ” to conduct an in-depth, independent and impartial investigation as soon as possible “and that’s why,” grant unimpeded access to the Human Rights Department of the Minusma.

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