New York shooting: what do we know about Frank James, the suspect wanted by the police

UNITED STATES – The New York Police departed on Tuesday 12 April in pursuit of a man in gas mask wreaking havoc on subwayduring Monday morning’s rush hour, which set off two smoking devices before opening fire, injuring 23 people, 10 of whom were shot.

At 8.24 am (2:24 pm Paris time), at a time when the metros of the megalopolis are full, the person, wearing a gas mask, opened “two canisters that released the smoke in a paddle. He then shot at some passengers when the train pulled into 36th Street station” in south Brooklyn, the police chief of New York (NYPD), Keechant Sewell.

“We were really lucky that it wasn’t much more serious,” emphasized the chief of police, summarizing the authorities’ relief after this attack in which the suspect – still at large 12 hours after the shooting – fired 33 bullets into the subway.

Wounded by bullets, no smoke inhaled or in the stampede

The person was described by police as “a black man” about 6 feet tall, “heavy” and wearing a “green and orange construction vest” and a gray hooded sweatshirt. A search warrant with his description and photo has been issued. First reported as a “person of interest” who could have information about the attack, he is now considered a “suspect,” New York police said Wednesday afternoon.

According to various media outlets, this man, Frank James, 62, has published several videos on YouTube in which he delivers lengthy political diatribes, some viciously, and criticizes New York Mayor Eric Adams.

At the scene of the attack, investigators found a gun and three magazinesalong with a car key that allowed them to track down a recently rented, abandoned U-Haul American rental car in Brooklyn.

“There have been reports that may be related to the person we are interested in where he mentions homelessness, New York City and Mayor Adams,” the NYPD chief confirmed. The safety of the alderman has also been strengthened, the authorities say.

Various videos on social networks

According to several US media outlets, in videos posted on social media, apparently by him, he said a government plan to tackle homelessness and safety in the city’s subway was “doomed.”

He also called himself a “victim” of the mental health agenda of a New York mayor and criticized the latter’s plan to end gun violence.

According to CNNin what appears to be his last video posted Monday, the person says: “I’ve been through a lot of crap where I can say I wanted to kill people. I wanted to see people die right in front of my eyes. But I thought about it.” fact that, hey man, I don’t want to go to fucking jail.”

In another video posted last week, he denounces abuse in churches and racism in the workplace, using misogynistic and racist language. The person regularly and violently attacks African Americans in his video details CNN again.

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