On the Russian side, “First we interrogate the soldiers, then we kill them”

Police officers are trying to identify civilians who died on April 6, 2022 in Boutcha, Ukraine, near Kiev.

The German intelligence services (BND) have gathered information showing the involvement of Russian soldiers in the abuses against civilians in Boutcha, northwest of Kiev, and in other surrounding towns. That’s what it says of the mirrorThursday, April 7, in an article indicating that some of this information was passed on to German parliamentarians on Wednesday.

Contrary to the official Russian version, according to which these atrocities are allegedly staged, or that they are the fact of “Nazis” Ukrainians, according to another version that is easily included on social networks in Russia or abroad, this information is based on two types of sources: satellite images and radio conversations between Russian soldiers.

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In one of the exchanges intercepted by the BND, a soldier explains to one of his comrades that he and his colleagues shot a person on a bicycle. In another conversation a man says: “We interrogate the soldiers first, then we kill them. † While some exchanges may match scenes discovered in Boutcha after the city’s recapture by Ukrainian forces on April 2, after more than a month of occupation by Russian forces, of the mirror indicates, however, that recorded communications “more generally concern the region north of Kiev, even though they have clear parallels to the Boutcha murders”

Deployed near Kiev

Another interesting detail: according to the weekly, the messages intercepted by the German intelligence services also indicate that Russian mercenaries from the Wagner group – known for being close to the Kremlin and suspected of abuses in Syria, Libya, the Central African Republic or Mali – have taken “decisive role in the atrocities committed”† The presence of these paramilitaries in Ukraine had already been mentioned by the British Ministry of Defence, which on March 28 claimed on Twitter that more than 1,000 fighters from the Wagner Group would be sent east from the country. According to of the mirrormembers of this paramilitary group would therefore also have been deployed in the vicinity of Kiev.

“The statements made by Russia, according to which it would be a staging (…), are in our view indefensible”, spokesman Steffen Hebestreit of the German government

Finally, the information collected by the BND shows that: “the atrocities committed against civilians in Boutcha were no accident, nor the act of individual soldiers spiraling out of control”reports the German weekly. On the contrary, according to sources familiar with the taped conversations, they show that the soldiers talked about the atrocities as if they were simply discussing their daily lives.he adds.

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