Russian troops are “quickly withdrawing” from the north of the country, an adviser to President Zelensky . assures

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2:07 pm : Reporters Without Borders pays tribute to journalist Max Levin on Twitter, found dead in KievTargeting journalists is a war crimethe organization remembers.

13:38 o’clock : Three weeks we had no news from him. Maks Levine, the veteran Ukrainian photographer and documentalist, was found dead after the withdrawal of Russian troops from the Kiev area. “He disappeared on March 13 in the zone of hostilities in the Kiev region. On April 1, his body was found near the village of Gouta Mezhyguirska “a few tens of kilometers north of the capital, the head of the presidential government Andrii Iermak announced on Telegram.

13:18 o’clock“We thought invasions from other countries, fierce urban battles and nuclear threats were dark reminders of the distant past.

Pope Francis denounced the actions of at the beginning of his visit to Malta “some mighty” included “nationalist interests” by calling the “icy war wind” came from “Eastern Europe”

1.13 pm : Hi, This photo is followed by comments claiming it is a Ukrainian lynching. Is it true ?

13:05 o’clock : Kharkiv Regional Hospital in Northern Ukraine is forced to practice war medicine. “These are mainly head injuries from the shrapnel from the bombsexplains Doctor Vadislav Kalouchka. There are also injuries to the arms, legs and spine. Most of the injured are paralyzedThe report of Gilles Gallinaro and Etienne Monin can be read here

12:13 pm : Russian troops operate a “quick withdrawal” regions of Kiev and Cherniguiv, in the north of Ukraine, aiming for: “to gain a foothold in the east and south”estimated today a Ukrainian presidential adviser, Mykhaïlo Podoliak.

12:42 pm : It’s noon, here’s a new point on the news:

• The Red Cross prepares for an attempted evacuation of civilians from the besieged city of Mariupol, where more than 3,000 people managed to flee the day beforeafter another night of shelling in various parts of the country.

• The police officer whose shooting caused the death of a motorist during a check-up a week ago in Sevran (Seine-Saint-Denis) was charged and placed under judicial supervisiona few hours of a march organized in memory of the victim.

• Fabien Roussel at 3 pm, Emmanuel Macron at 4.15 pm…. A week before the first round, the channel franceinfo (channel 27 of TNT) offers you this weekend a “presidential multiplex”

• Originally scheduled today at 9pm, the match that counts for the 30th day of Ligue 1 opponent Saint-Etienne to Marseille has been postponed for a day because of the snow, the club from Saint-Etienne announced.

11:36 : The ICRC has failed to organize a humanitarian convoy from Mariupol, but every day civilians manage to leave the area in their vehicles or in Ukrainian government buses. “Normally we cover the road in three hours, but here it took two days”witnesses of the citizens who met on the spot by Marie-Pierre Vérot and Arthur Gerbault

Yana had to pass 17 roadblocks held by Russian soldiers before reaching Zaporiyah on April 2, 2022.  She fled Berdyansk, an occupied city 80 km west of Mariopol.  (MARIE-PIERRE VEROT / RADIO FRANCE)

10:32 “China is not a party to the Ukrainian crisis. (…) Therefore, our trade with Moscow should not be the target” by punishment, estimated Wang Lutong, the head of European affairs at Chinese diplomacy, today. The European Union has warned that any aid to Moscow to circumvent Western sanctions will damage Beijing’s economic relations with Europe.

10:33 am : Putin’s years are marked by war. Thus they started at the beginning of the 2000s, with the second war in Chechnya. The then Prime Minister of Boris Yeltsin initiates a “counter-terrorist operation” after attacks in Russia attributed to the Chechens, despite doubts about the origin of these attacks. “This is also how Vladimir Putin built his image”Analysis of Cécile VaissiéProfessor of Russian and Soviet Studies at the University of Rennes 2.

10:34 am“The philosophical sources of Putinism, however diverse, all rest on two pillars: the idea of ​​an empire and the excuse of war.”

War and military culture are also hallmarks of Putin’s Soviet youth. His father was injured in World War II and the future head of state grew up “in the ‘city hero’ whose memory remains untouchable”Leningrad, writes Michel Eltchaninoff in his book

10:16 am : Since coming to power in the early 2000s, Vladimir Putin, imbued with militaristic values, has continued to establish Russian power by waging war. How the man who triggered it Europe’s biggest conflict since 1945 by invading Ukraine, is he imagining war? Our journalist Valentine Pasquesoone paints a portrait of the Russian leader through this question

Vladimir Putin, then prime minister, talks to soldiers during a visit to the Taman Motorized Infantry Brigade in Moscow, Russia, Feb. 22, 2012. (ALEXEI NIKOLSKY / RIA NOVOSTI / AFP)

08:42“I’m quite shocked to see all the candidates using their beautiful promises, we forget the economic crisis that is getting worse, we forget the war, but this war is far from over. Who says this war isn’t going to have consequences here?wonders the candidate LO on franceinfo.