Sensitive souls abstain! Woman wakes up with a painful ulcer, discovers the cause days later

In England, a 27-year-old young woman woke up in the middle of the night with excruciating pain: her arm had just tripled. The fault of a deadly spider that left a bite full of pus that nearly cost him his life.

Not only in tropical countries can insects leave indelible scars. In the small harbor town of Poole, England, a 27-year-old young woman can attest to this. This restaurant manager named Kayleigh Ward woke up in the middle of the night after being bitten by a terrifying spider: a false widow. According to his testimony, the spider slipped through the window of his room before hitting him a bite the size of a golf ballwith disastrous consequences.

The next day, Kayleigh Ward’s arm had tripled in size and was leaking a mountain of pus, as shown by the pictures she shared at the Daily Mail. Logically rushed to the nearest hospital, doctors gave her antibiotics before giving her blood tests that revealed a severe spider bite. But health care providers let her go home with only a prescription for medicine. And there everything got worse.

‘Pus came out of the wound for more than thirty minutes’

“Three days later, my arm was still getting bigger. I begged my sister to squeeze out the fluid that had started to seep from my arm. I put a hot water bottle on it to bring it to the surface, and it sank for over thirty minutes…, she told the Daily Mail, covering this unusual story in England. But a week later, Kayleigh Ward is still complaining of severe pain and a lump in her arm. She plans to be hospitalized so that this nightmare becomes just a memory.

For your information, the spider in question is a false widow. This species is said to have arrived in the UK by freighter in 1987 and is used to returning to homes in early summer to cool off. The false widow spider is Britain’s most venomous spider and holds orange legs with a skull-like mark on the abdomen. An unsupported bite can be fatal.