SM and Boys’ High School beaten after Aespa was sexually harassed by students Soompi

This is a very serious matter.

On May 2, the aespa went to Kyungbock High School, a high school for boys, to perform there, a rite of passage for the idols of SM Entertainment, as it is the school that was the agency leader in his youth.

However, the throughput of girls in secondary school was rather poor. Indeed, pictures were published after the event, images that especially annoyed the fans of the girl group.

It appears from the photos and videos that SM Entertainment did not send any guards for the girls. In many photos we see the girls walking among the students, who do not hesitate to approach them very closely.

Likewise, while they were performing, students climbed the stage to take selfies with the girls, again without any security to intervene.

SM Entertainment and the school have clearly been criticized a lot for this, with all blaming the school and the agency for failing to protect the members of aespa.

This continued later when several students posted photos of the day with degrading comments towards the girls, mostly explaining that they could have touched them or made comments about their physique.

To give you a few examples of things posted on social media by some of these students:

“My Girlfriends Are Here… Their Bodies Are Damn Sexy”
“I did everything but manage to touch them”

Following this, an official statement was posted on the school’s website to apologize, but also to indicate that the demeaning messages and sexual harassment the aespa allegedly suffered were attributable to outsiders entering the school, not to high school students.

In this press release one could read:

“Today, a celebration was held in our auditorium for the school’s 101st anniversary by the Kyungbock Alumni Association. The idol group aespa was invited to perform at the ceremony. However, after the event, there were reports and events that unilaterally damaged the reputation of aespa and SM Entertainment, so we would like to apologize first.

However, following a survey of our students at the school following media reports, it was determined that some outside persons not associated with our school have visited the site and we have not. We were not allowed to enter for security reasons. So we can deduce that the malicious comments posted on the internet are not true.

However, after today’s event, we would like to once again apologize to SM Entertainment and aespa for damaging their reputation.”

A few hours later, the school was finally in turmoil again. Indeed, a text message has been revealed that has been sent by the school to all students and their parents, a text message showing that the school is simply asking students who have posted humiliating and sexually harassing messages to delete them so that the school is out of harm’s way. .

In this text we read:

“Emergency message – request to remove all content related to aespa’s performance.

There was an aespa performance for the 101st anniversary of Kyungbock High School. However, suggestive photos, videos and messages have been posted on our students’ SNS accounts. This is a situation in which we can be held legally liable. We would like all of you to immediately delete all posts and content related to their performance.

If this escalates in the press, the Ministry of Education gets a lot of complaints.

Parents, please guide your students to do what is commanded.”

It is therefore not surprising that after this revelation, the school came under extreme criticism, and the statement of apology was even removed from the school’s website.

However, the fans failed to take off and the school as SM Entertainment is still the target of fierce criticism.

sources: theqooxportsnews